Best Kids' Coats for Skiing

Best Kids' Coats for Skiing

A family ski trip is full of excitement, new memories, and happily exhausted evenings. Other than the skis themselves, the most important thing to bring is a waterproof winter coat for yourself and the kids. Why waterproof? Well, once the snow starts to melt from tumbles, you want to be sure it won't settle in and leave a chill on your kid's skin. Plus, if the coat is waterproof, it's almost assuredly also windproof. And when you're flying down the mountain, you definitely want strong protection from blustery gusts.

From carrying your gear around to staying warm as you glide up with the ski lift, you want to be warm from the moment you step outside to the second you take your boots off. Winter coats should keep you warm and provide enough movement so that you're comfortable at any stage of your ski trip. Your kids will love the fun colors and pattern options, so finding a coat together will cinch the deal. More than anything else, your priority is finding a coat they'll love so that they actually want to wear it. Plus, with so many bright and bold choices, you'll be able to spot them easily in a crowd no matter what. With a little extra effort, the only bumps you'll hit are on the bunny slopes. Check out the best waterproof kids' winter coats to bring on a ski trip this winter.

Nothing Warmer

The Expedition Down Winter Parka has our warmest temperate rating. With this coat protecting your kids at -18° to +17°F, it won't matter where you're skiing or for how long. You can rest easy on the slopes knowing that even if all they want to do is make snow angels and drink hot cocoa by the lodge, they'll be warm and safe from the elements. The outer shell is waterproof, the inner lining is insulated, and the adjustable sleeves also have SnowGuard™ wrist cuffs to keep out any sneaky sips of cold air.

Don't forget to equip your little ones with a thermal base layer under their snow pants if the forecast looks extra chilly. The added layer of warmth will help keep limbs limber on the slopes and help protect against any cool breezes that might try to slip in.

The Versatile Stormer

Just because you're skiing doesn't mean it's going to be painfully cold up there. Especially if you're planning a trip toward the end of the season, the warmth from the sun radiates off the white snow and can really heat things up. Be sure to bring layers so your kids can peel them off if they start to overheat throughout the day. The Little Girls Stormer 3 in 1 Parka is both water- and wind-resistant and offers up lots of warmth (it's good for -5°!).

Best yet, it comes with a fleece liner that will insulate for superior protection from the cold that you can always store away if the temperature rises. This parka also has built-in SnowGuard™ wrist cuffs to block out any biting wind or intruding snow if someone takes a tumble. Girls' winter parkas are great options to keep your budding Olympians warm and dry all winter. If you're taking a day off the slopes to explore, just grab the fleece liner and add a kids' puffer vest to complete the look and lock in warmth.

The Outdoor Performer

One of our favorite coats for boys is the Squall Waterproof Winter Parka, with its water- and windproof shell. Hitting below the hips for added warmth, this coat was built to keep the heat in from every angle. Think SnowGuard wrist cuffs, grip closures with a chin guard, and a hood with elastic sides for custom cold protection. It even has layered name tags, which are especially useful if your kids are taking the jacket on and off during ski lessons without mom's watchful eye. Keep away the cold and confusion with this special ski coat. The Grow-A-Long sleeves ensure that this one will stay a family favorite all season long.

Make sure to check in with your kids at the end of the day to be sure they felt warm enough. They might tell you that their ears were cold, or their fingers got tingly — a coat can only do so much! Always remember to bring hats, scarves, and good gloves on any ski trip to cover all your bases.

And when the trip's over? A waterproof jacket is also almost always resistant to most stains, so you barely have to think about it. All you need to do is brush off any stray dirt or twigs, and wash on a cold cycle without detergent, as chemicals can break down the coat's resistance to water. Just air or tumble dry for best results. These coats are so resilient, we recommend planning for more than one trip this winter!


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