Best Vacation Dresses for 2023

Best Vacation Dresses for 2023

If you’re planning vacations for this year, don’t forget to also plan on bringing along some of the best vacation dresses to wear while on holiday. The perfect vacation dress is comfortable, chic, lightweight, and versatile, making it easy to wear, easy to pack, and effortlessly glam. We have a selection of the best vacation dresses for 2023 for all your holiday needs.

Beach Dresses

If you’re headed to the beach, then definitely don’t forget to stock up on your beach dresses. The perfect beach dress is lightweight, flattering, comfortable, and easy to wear from daytime into the evening.

Choose a lightweight and easy-to-clean material, such as cotton or rayon, for a breezy feel that’s perfect for a day well spent by the water. Beach dresses should also be easy to slip on and off to wear over your swimsuit for ease getting in and out of the water. Beach dresses come in just about every style, length, color, material, design, and pattern, ensuring that it’s easy for you to find the one that’s perfect for your holiday needs. No vacation is complete without the proper beach dress to sip cocktails in while watching the sunset.

Lounge Dresses

Vacation is for relaxing, after all, so don’t forget to bring along the perfect lounge dress for all your relaxing needs. Lounge dresses are the new house dress, meaning they’re the perfect at-home dress for kicking back and relaxing rather than just cleaning and cooking.

Bring along your favorite lounge dress on holiday, so you know you have something perfectly comfortable and glamorous to wear while reading your favorite book or having breakfast on your balcony. This kind of dress is perfect for vacation as it’s all about comfort without skimping on style.

Maxi Dresses

This boho-chic all-time favorite is perfect for feeling like a goddess while on a far-flung tropical island. Even if you aren’t going to the ends of the earth for vacation, the perfect maxi dress for women truly makes the perfect vacation dress. Maxi dresses offer the elegance of a dress ideal for wearing at night while also offering the flow and relaxed fit of a dress that’s perfect for daytime wear. Even if you don’t consider yourself a boho-queen, you should definitely consider yourself a maxi dress queen for the timeless style, effortless elegance, and versatility that it offers anyone who wears them.

Jersey Dresses

Body-con and jersey dresses are back this summer in a way that is less squeezed and more comfortably flattering. This dress style is perfect for slipping on after a day on the beach on your way to dinner or a drink. It’s also perfect for a day out on the town shopping or out to lunch. Either way, the jersey dress or knit pullover body-con dress is the perfect staple you will certainly find yourself wearing time and time again while on vacation.

Going-Out Dresses

One of the best parts about vacation is getting to go out and enjoy the town. Whether you’re looking to get your boogie on or to have a nice romantic candlelit dinner with that special someone, you’re going to want to bring along an “it” dress when packing your bags. The perfect holiday going-out dress is down-to-earth and a showstopper. Even if you don’t have plans to hit up the town while on holiday, it’s always good to bring a fancier dress just in case. You just never know where you’re going to get invited to, and you want to be sure you are more than ready to dress to impress.

The classic is, of course, the timeless black dress that will always look good with anything or for any occasion. Otherwise, spice it up with something even more interesting. If you’re headed to the beach, then choose something white or brightly colored prints. If you’re off to Europe, then choose something that is Euro-chic and classy. Always keep in mind the where of your vacation when choosing a going-out dress to be sure your dress of choice fits your destination's vibe.

Everyday Chic

Aside from the nighttime, lounging, or the beach, you want to have an everyday dress that will leave you looking and feeling everyday chic. Choose a comfortable midi-length summer dress for your holiday to wear during the day for an effortless glam look. We love neutral everyday tones like olive, slate blue, cream, and white for summer. If you want to do prints, then look for a classic floral print that’s easy to wear just about anywhere.

Winter Holidays

We realize we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, but if you’re already planning your ski trips for 2023, then you want to bring along the right dress for that, too. A beach dress won’t get you far on the slopes, so be sure to bring along the perfect winter dresses for the job. The best dress to pack for a winter vacation where you’re going to be in the cold or snow is hands-down a cashmere sweater dress. Cashmere is lightweight to pack and warm to wear while also offering the sophistication of luxurious material. The sweater dress is like making your favorite sweater fancy. Wear with tights and boots, and you’re good for just about any occasion during your holiday.

Packing can always be tricky when it comes to packing for vacation. But, we do know that one should never go on vacation without at least one good dress. When planning your 2023 vacations, be sure to bring along some of these stunning dress styles that are perfect for your vacation.


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