Best Unisex Outfits For Travel

Best Unisex Outfits For Travel

When traveling, your job is to get from one place to another on time and in one piece. You shouldn’t have to worry about the clothes you’re wearing! For long-distance journeys, you’ll need to stay as comfortable as possible in the long term, as the miles and distances add up. You don’t want your clothes to be uncomfortable by the time you reach your destination. From the airport and train stations to the bus or car rides, the best travel outfits prioritize comfort and wearability while exuding a cool, classic style. No matter where you’re going, get there in style with the best outfits for travel.

Remember: Comfort Is Key

Whether your journey is long or short, you’ll want to be comfortable on your trip. Travel can be exciting! The people-watching, the planes, the big event of it all—there’s a lot of things to take in along the way. If you’re dressed comfortably, you won’t worry about how you feel in your clothes. Just because comfort is key doesn’t mean you have to feel drab or boring in your clothes. There are plenty of great options in men’s loungewear and activewear that everyone will love. Consider fabrics that breathe and promote wearability for longer journeys, and light layers are a great option in travel situations. If you’re prepared for it all, your trip will fly by without any travel hassle.

Jeans and T-Shirt (Optional Cardigan)

A classic and comfortable outfit that everyone loves and wears is the jeans and t-shirt combination. Denim is great because of its wearability and versatility, while a cotton t-shirt is a comfortable staple that works for everybody. When long days are spent wandering airports or waiting for trains in the terminal, you’ll want to stay relaxed and comfy for the long haul. For travel, your most comfortable pair of jeans and coziest worn-in tee are perfect in this setting. Add a cardigan in case of temperature changes or, if you’re flying overnight, to use as a pillow on the way to your destination. Transit can take a lot of planning, but your fashion doesn’t have to. This outfit is a classic for a reason! Your comfy jeans will take you there.

Big Sweatshirt

Another great style tip everyone can use is the timeless appeal of the oversized sweatshirt. There are endless design options and choices, but a big, comfortable sweatshirt is an all-time classic. Whether you’re cozying up with a book at the airport terminal or riding shotgun with the windows down on the open road, you will love wearing your big sweatshirt. If you are traveling long distances and it will take a few days to get to your destination, you’ll want something cozy for nights spent in transit. An oversized men’s sweatshirt goes as far as you need it to when you’re traveling with carry-on luggage or minimal space. It’s light and easy to travel with while adding extra coverage and warmth support of a long-sleeve layer. Show off your style and personality with graphic sweatshirts, places you’ve been like National Parks or vacation spots, or sports teams and college logos. There are so many ways to express yourself, choose your favorite, and get and stay comfy on the road. If you want to take it even further, get a matching sweatsuit that shows off your personality.

Comfortable Street Shoes

For most travel, you could end up in some interesting places. From random gas station bathrooms to wandering laps around airport terminals, you never know what you might come in contact with on the road. You will want to wear closed-toed shoes when you’re traveling. If you’re unloading or unpacking a lot of luggage or gear, consider boots in case you drop something heavy or walk in mud. Even if you’re just along for the ride and not getting your steps in, you’ll need comfortable shoes to get you through your trip. For long transit, like flights, train rides, and long car trips, sneakers are a great option. Shoes should be comfortable and wearable for larger amounts of time and whatever walking you may have to do along the way. Athletic shoes, tennis shoes, and other flats are the way to go.

Travel Bags

When you’re planning a trip, the bags you pack are essential and deliberate. With bag limits and monitoring on most airlines and a limit depending on how much you can carry or load into your transportation, you need to plan carefully. Most airlines allow one carry-on and one personal item, which can be a purse, computer bag, or canvas tote bag. This means you’ll have to bring your on-flight entertainment (i.e., games, snacks, etc.) in your carry-on if you want it during the flight.

All reading, snacking, streaming, and charging materials should be in your carry-on before you check your baggage. If you’re riding in a car or train, you’ll have more room to pack and plan your trip time. Games, puzzles, books, and magazines are great ways to pass the time on long trips, as are travel games like spotting the alphabet on license plates or counting passing animals. Travel pillows, headphones, and folding travel blankets are useful when trying to get some sleep in or have a quiet, napping moment alone away from the conversation. Audiobooks and podcasts are ideal for longer trips as well. It’s a fun and smart way to tune in and learn something new. Check out free options on your local library’s website or streaming app.

Wherever you’re going, get there in style that is still comfortable, in clothes that pass the test no matter the mileage traveled.


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