4 Best Tops for Teaching Virtually This Fall

4 Best Tops for Teaching Virtually This Fall

Working from home offers its fair share of benefits. You have the luxury of wearing the most comfy work from home clothes imaginable, and you definitely don’t have to wear uncomfortable heels — or any shoes at all. If you’re a teacher, however, it’s important to put a little bit of extra energy into looking your best.

At a bare minimum, focus on two important factors: professionalism and comfort. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, and you can easily find tops that help you look and feel your best while you help your students online. It really doesn’t matter what you wear on the bottom, be it your favorite pair of pajamas or yoga pants. But the right type of shirt can convey a sense of authority and help you feel more motivated and focused than you might if you were wearing something more casual, like a sweatshirt. Here are a few options to consider.


Women’s blouses are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, and silhouettes. Whether you prefer something neutral or bright, you can easily find a style that works well for you. If you can’t decide, it often helps to take a cue from your backdrop. If everything behind you is relatively neutral in tone, try a brighter shade to help you stand out.

Think about the colors that flatter you most, too. If you love wearing neutral shades like gray, black, and white, don’t be afraid to dress things up with a focal point — a pair of colorful earrings, for example, or an eye-catching necklace. Design elements help give ordinary blouses a dressier edge, too. Keyhole necklines, for example, lend them a slightly more pulled together feel. Ruffles and pleats are other interesting visual details that transform the tone and style of your look in an instant.

Mock Turtleneck

If you want to get into the spirit of the season and just stay as warm as possible throughout the day, a mock turtleneck is a great option. Because they’re so sleek and streamlined, they offer a slightly formal appearance, but they aren’t too fussy or overdone. You can layer a cardigan on top for additional warmth, and they’re just as easy to wear with sweatpants as they are with jeans.

Moreover, mock turtlenecks are relatively easy to dress up. You can pull a structured blazer on top if you want to create a look that’s more corporate and unflappable, or stick with a delicate necklace for just a subtle glint. You’ll find them in a wide variety of styles, ranging from neutrals and bright colors to eye-catching prints perfect for the coolest months of the year.

Scoop Neck

Going the casual route may be completely acceptable if your school doesn’t abide by any particular dress code rules for virtual teaching. It might also be your preference if you teach a creative subject where almost anything goes. So what to do in that case? Consider throwing on an effortless women’s scoop neck top instead of a more refined blouse or a turtleneck. They’re relaxed and understated, but you can easily dress it up if you want to pull things together a little bit.

Scoop necks are available in a variety of styles, too. Choose from sleeveless tank styles, short sleeves, and full-length sleeves. The beauty of these tops is that they’re inherently low key, with a relaxed drape that makes them incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. They skim the body gently, never constricting movement or creating discomfort. A printed style worn beneath a solid cardigan is always an option if you need to layer up on a cool spring day that finds you reaching for your coziest pieces.

Oxford Shirt

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking a more serious approach to online teaching, either. A women’s Oxford shirt is a crisp, no-fuss option that looks sharp, refined, and polished all at once. It lends you a dressed-up air even if you happen to be wearing a pair of baggy sweatpants or your favorite leggings below.

Features such as clean lines, smoothed out collars, and side seams lend these shirts their signature structure and provide you with the perfect option when you really want to convey a sense of professionalism but don’t necessarily want to wear something too corporate. Look for styles that promote less wrinkling so you can simply grab it from the closet, button-up, and be set for anything your virtual teaching session brings.

The bottom line? Never compromise your comfort when it comes to dressing for the workday. You have plenty of options, and that means leaving yourself open to anything that might appeal to you on any given day. Whether it’s a blouse, a tee, or a turtleneck, you’ll always have something new to wear while you help your students thrive from the comfort of their homes.


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