Best Tips to Organize Your Closet

Best Tips to Organize Your Closet

Whether it’s for spring cleaning or to check off that New Year’s resolution to declutter your home, it’s never a bad time to organize your closet. Getting your closet in tip-top shape can also be the first step in building a sustainable capsule wardrobe and rediscovering some cute pieces you haven’t worn in a while and want to get back in your rotation. Plus, there’s something very soothing about having a closet that isn’t bursting at the seams every time you pull the doors open.

While most of us can likely benefit from a closet refresh, what might not be as obvious is exactly how to go about this task. Scouring the internet might also present some conflicting suggestions on how to get organized in the closet department.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best tips for organizing this tricky part of your home.

Start With a Blank Canvas

To get started here, you should pull everything out of your closet and find a comfy spot to look through it all. From there, you’ll want to figure out a system that works for you, like organizing everything into piles. Perhaps you want to create one pile for items you often wear and use and another for things you haven’t thought about or worn in six months or more.

Now, take a look through the less or never used pile. If you have a lot of clothes and shoes in this pile, you might want to take this as an opportunity to bag up some items you can donate, or even to host a clothing swap with some close gal pals. This also frees up some space in case there are certain items that you simply want to refresh.

While you’re going through this stage, you should also set aside seasonal clothes or items that you won’t need for several months, like winter jackets or summery cotton dresses. Find other space in your home to store these items, like in clothing bags under your bed or moth-proof containers in your garage.

Pick a Pattern

Now that you have everything parsed down, you should have a strategy in mind before putting everything back into your closet. For example, do you want to group all of your women's sweaters with your blouses followed by dresses on the other side, or do you want to position everything by color?

Once you have a pattern in mind that works for you visually, you can start to put things back in their places. While this might seem like a really minor tip, it’ll be a tremendous help if you put all of your hangers back facing the same direction. This will help to reduce any potential closet chaos down the road!

Utilize the Full Space

Another closet organization tip that’ll work wonders is to ensure you’re maximizing the full space. One way to do this is to place a small dresser or shelving unit under your shorter clothes, for example in the T-shirt section, if you do decide to group your clothes in this way.

Having a small chest of drawers under the clothes in your closet presents the perfect space for organizing items like swimwear or your athletic shorts. And if you don’t have a dedicated linen closet or you have spillover linens from a hall or bathroom closet, this can also be a great place to store extra towels or bed sheets.

Get Creative With Your Storage Solutions

If you don't have space for a full dresser or chest of drawers underneath the clothes in your closet, you can still organize that space by using sustainable and boho-chic seagrass baskets or canvas storage bins.

These storage bins and baskets can hold items like throw blankets, throw pillows, or even extra shoes that don’t fit in your shoe rack. Speaking of shoes, you’ll also want to ensure you have an over-the-door shoe rack or hanging option already in place before diving into this project.

And don’t forget that you also have any shelves on top of your clothing rod to think about. Opt for small bins and mini baskets to use as dividers for any shelves in your closet for bonus organization points.

By following these tips, you’ll be in great shape to get your closet into great shape as well. No matter the reason for taking on this project, you’ll love the feeling of opening closet doors without having to fear an avalanche, and the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe.


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