Take These Summer Outfits From Day to Night

Take These Summer Outfits From Day to Night

Flexibility in outfits is important. Whether you are going minimalist or are suffering from a small closet and can't fit one more thing in, being intentional with your outfit choices will only help you love what you have more. And when it comes down to the wire, having options when you need them is a huge benefit.

So when you are a professional with a packed schedule, and there isn't time to run all the way home to flip your look when the workday is over, having some outfits you can wear to both the office and on a date can be a real help.

But it's summer, which means outfits for going out are more casual to keep you cool, and that's a little incompatible with formal office wear. What can you do to achieve the full wearability range of your summer closet?

First, let's look at emergency measures for when your coworkers are going out for drinks or your friends grab you for a surprise party. Here are some first steps to change your look from day to night.

Intensify Your Makeup

This is a quick confidence booster. Evening makeup is a little more dramatic to make your features visible in the darker atmosphere. Having a couple of crisis-savers in your purse can give you peace of mind that you will be ready for anything that may happen. Having a striking lip color on hand takes up very little space and is an easy way to enhance your look. Another great card to have up your sleeve is a pair of fake lashes. These take a little more time, and you have to have space for some glue, but you will be party-ready once you are done.

Swap Those Accessories

If you received a quick text as you were flying out the door or remembered at the last minute that the date was tonight, you have time to grab a few things, but maybe not prepare a whole different outfit. This is where snagging a few accessories can save your life.

Let's start with jewelry. Different jewelry can completely change the mood of an outfit. Plus, it is easy to grab and pack a few pieces when you are in a hurry. Switching your drop pearls or simple work studs for a flashy pair of chandelier earrings and changing out your delicate office watch for a cuff bracelet or bangles will alter your look decidedly.

If you have a full five minutes to make a decision, there are some other pieces you can grab. An elegant clutch to replace your work purse or laptop messenger bag will assist the shift in your outfit's tone. You can also grab a strappy pair of golden heels, nude pumps, or wedges to change into from your ballet flats or work pumps. Both are little details that, when combined with new jewelry and bright red lips, can help you fit right in with the evening's fun.

Now, let's assume you have time to plan, just not time to get to your closet. What are some summer outfits you can wear to work and out on the town? Here are three great combinations you can wear wherever you want.

Converting the Summer Dress

Everyone talks about the little black dress being a great day-to-night piece. And it is! But black is obviously a very dark color while summer is all about light and color. So we can take the hint from the LBD and apply it (with a few adjustments) to the summer dress!

If you work in a more casual atmosphere, adapting your dress is fairly easy. A pretty floral dress with a white women's cardigan put with simple ballet flats or sandals in white or brown make for decent work-appropriate attire. Add a cute headband and some delicate jewelry, and everyone will think you are adorable. When the clock strikes and you are free, replace the cardigan with a jean jacket and throw on some sandal wedges and a summer hat and you can visit any beach bar in town.

This cotton sundress example works if you are going to a pretty laid-back event; other women may need something a little dressier to feel comfortable at work. Wrap dresses are here for you! These dresses dress up and down very easily and are usually made of nicer material that can work wherever you do! They look nice in florals or work in some of the darker summer colors like jungle green or royal blue. You can dress them up for your client meetings with a blazer or cardigan, then remove your overlayers for the evening, switch your work shoes for heels, and you are set!

The Variable Blouse

A good women's blouse is worth holding on to! Having a white or rose-pink silk camisole blouse, a nude lace overlay top, or an elegant V-neck piece with delicate florals can be the pivot point for your outfit. Put any of these with a formal gray pencil skirt, maybe a blazer if you need it, and you could walk into a courtroom with confidence. At night, change that skirt for jeans or a pair of bright salmon pants, and suddenly you are someone completely new! A quick change of shoes finishes the look, and you can go straight to your evening events.

Whether you are at work or at play, having fun with your fashion is a must. Have a positive, productive day and a wildly entertaining night!


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