Best Swimwear for Older Women

Best Swimwear for Older Women

Don’t you just love lounging in the sun or getting out in the cool water for a swim? Contrary to popular belief, shopping for swimwear is fun—at least at Lands’ End, it is! We have great suits and cover-ups for everybody. Let’s look at some options you’ll love.

Fit Is Key

If it has been a while since you have gone swimsuit shopping, start by taking your current measurements. The right suit should give you the coverage that you want, show off any assets that you like, and shouldn’t pinch, bind, or sag anywhere. In other words, the right suit should fit.

If you have a favorite suit from last year, try it on, but don’t limit yourself to what is already in your closet. You deserve to add a new suit to your swimwear collection even if last year’s suit still works. Do you have a great one-piece already? Maybe a new one in a different color or a tankini or swim dress would be fun.

Many women find that underwire swimsuits are one of their favorite summer wardrobe staples. The right underwire suit will give you the support you need while being as comfortable as if you weren’t wearing it. An underwire can also give you more confidence for activities like swimming with your favorite strokes, bending down to pick something up, and getting in and out of pools or boats. They just stay in place. Isn’t that what a suit should do?

Always try on a new swimsuit candidate in front of a full-length mirror with good lighting. One of the advantages of shopping online is that instead of being confined to a traditional changing room, you can try on suits in your own home with more natural lighting and under more relaxed conditions. Have you ever tried on clothes in a changing room at the end of a hectic shopping trip? Why do that to yourself? Get some good candidates, pick a time when you don’t have to rush, and see what suits you best. Some may not fit; some may not create the look you want. That’s fine. Now you know what doesn’t work (which is valuable information). With a bit of effort, you will find the suit for you.

One-Piece Wonder

One-piece swimsuits are a classic look that can take you anywhere at a beach or pool. They can give you modest coverage if that is what you prefer or can be cut a little high on the leg or have a bit of a plunge to the neckline if you like. We tend to think of one-piece swimsuits as conservative (and they certainly can be). But a glance at a couple of fashion magazines will show you all kinds of options to consider if you like to show off your shoulders in either a strapless suit, a one-shoulder suit, or any other fun variation. And if you do like browsing through fashion magazines and sites, keep in mind that the best suit is the one you like regardless of what is “in” or “out” this season. Also, remember that even models probably don’t look like that without the right lighting, hair, makeup, and, more than likely, a little photoshopping.

Buying a swimsuit should be about finding a look that will make you feel great and allow you to get out and enjoy what you like to do—wet hair and all.

Thank You, Tankini!

If you haven’t tried a tankini, you might want to consider one this season. They have several advantages for both comfort and style. Tankinis are two-piece suits that combine a tank top styled swim top with a regular swim bottom or high waisted bikini bottom. You can mix and match tops and bottoms for different looks and styles. If you don’t care for that “all over” feeling of fabric when it is hot out or when your suit is wet, a tankini can be refreshing because you can shake out the top, and it is airier because it is two garments instead of one. If you want to rock a bikini, go for it, but if you like a two-piece and prefer a bit more coverage and comfort, a tankini may be just right for you.

Cute and Comfy Cover-Ups

Don’t forget the beach cover-ups when planning your swimwear. Whether you opt for a garment that is designed to be a cover-up or choose your own style of clothing to wear as a cover-up, thinking of what you will wear over your suit and how stylish and comfy it will be is a great idea while you are looking at or trying on new swimsuit candidates. Swimsuits and cover-ups just go together.

With Lands’ End in your corner, you’ll find a suit that makes you look and feel great!


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