Best Swimwear for a Summer Beach Getaway

Best Swimwear for a Summer Beach Getaway

If you are taking a beach getaway vacation this summer, you might be stumped about how to pack for the sunny shores. What is the best style of swimsuit to wear to ocean swimming versus pool lounging? How many swimsuits should one bring on such a trip? Luckily for you, we have the answers to these questions and more. Read on to learn about the best swimwear for your summer beach getaway.

The Bikini

A soft bikini top that also comes with interchangeable cups and adjustable straps is a great option for a summer beach getaway. Interchangeable cups and adjustable and removable straps can make for a customized and versatile fit, adjusting to change depending on what beach activity you are doing that day.

For this reason, an adjustable bikini top makes the top of our list of the best travel swimsuits.

Rash Guards

Long sleeve rash guards are a must for any long beach vacation. If you are planning to participate in any water sports, such as surfing or paddle boarding, a rash guard is the best option for you. A rash guard will do exactly what the name implies- protect your skin from becoming irritated from exposure to the stern, sticky surfaces of boards.

Rash guards are also a top choice for any summer beach vacation due to the extra sun protection they can provide. Make sure to get yourself a long-sleeved rash guard with built-in high SPF protection. It is not a substitute for sunscreen, but the extra protection that a rash guard provides can be a game-changer.


Although not explicitly swimwear, women’s athletic shorts can double as beachwear, depending on your plans for your beach day.

Snug-fitting athletic shorts, such as bike shorts, are moisture-wicking and quick-drying. This makes them ideal for hikes or bike rides that may lead you to the beach or another swimming spot.

Women’s activewear skirts are also a great example of activewear that can double as swimwear. These skirts are usually made out of a material similar to swimsuits and can be worn as a cover-up after the beach, or even in the water as a modest addition to your swimwear outfit.

Retro Styles

Retro-inspired halter-neck bikinis are a great choice for those who may need extra support but are not willing to sacrifice their fashionable aesthetic. This fun and flirty style typically offers enough coverage and support to feel safe taking a swim while still looking chic. This style and other underwire swimsuits fit like a cute, supportive bra that provides comfortable and snuggly support.

The perfect bottom half addition to this retro halter style bikini top is a high-waisted ruched bikini bottom. Similar to its top half, this bikini bottom offers a cute, retro spin on a modest and supportive piece.

Classic One Piece

A classic one-piece swimsuit is also a must on your list of swimsuits to bring on your summer beach getaway vacation. A classic one-piece swimsuit is always your best choice for in-water activity. If you plan on doing lots of swimming or paddling, a one-piece swimsuit is the way to go, as it will stay in place much better than any two-piece style and leave you worry-free as you enjoy the water.

A Beach Cover-up

A comfy, easy, breezy beach cover-up is also a must for your summer beach getaway packing list. It is important to note that a beach cover-up is not a single, easily defined item. A beach cover-up is essentially whatever you want your beach cover-up to be. These pieces usually come in thin, gauzy and breezy materials made to lightly wrap around your body after a dip in the ocean or the pool. If wearing something see-through and filmy isn’t your style, no worries! There are many types of beach cover-ups to choose from, including full-coverage maxi dresses and t-shirt style cover-ups.

When planning for your summer beach getaway, consider what types of activities you will be participating in and how often you will be switching activities. For example, you may have a plan to start your day off relaxing by the poolside and then have an afternoon full of snorkeling and kayaking. In this case, you would probably want to start your day off in your bikini and then switch to a one-piece suit and rash guard.

Pack at least three suits to make sure you always have a clean dry suit to change into for whatever comes next on your fun summer beach getaway. Don’t forget the sunscreen and have a blast this summer.


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