Best Swimsuits for Swimming Laps

Best Swimsuits for Swimming Laps

One of the most effective ways to get exercise is to swim laps! Swimming, for many, is arguably a far more enjoyable form of exercise than an hour on the treadmill. Plus, you get the same results! Something that will make your swimming exercises more productive and enjoyable is having the right swimsuit. While a chic swim dress or tankini and swim skirt combo might be perfect for a casual pool hang or a trip to the beach, you’ll want to leave those pieces at home when you are swimming for exercise. Instead, opt for form-fitting, athletic swimsuits designed specifically for swimming laps or participating in other water sports. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best swimsuit options for swimming laps.

A Reliable One-Piece

Many one piece swimsuits are designed in a sporty style with the functionality needed for swimming laps. When shopping for an appropriate one-piece for swimming laps, less is more. Avoid one-pieces with frilly designs, extravagant necklines, or other style details like frills, skirt bottoms, or extra fabric. The more form-fitting and basic the one piece is, the better. Save the flashy swimsuits for an upcoming pool party. Anything other than a basic, minimalist one-piece will weigh you down and get in the way while you are gliding through the water doing your front stroke.

If maintaining an element of style is important to you while swimming laps, you will be pleased to know our selection of sporty one-pieces comes in a variety of sizes, styles, cuts, colors, and fabrics. You can indeed look fabulous while you get your aquatic exercise in. Whether you love a vibrant, cherry red one-piece or a chic print one-piece, you can easily find high-quality one-piece swimsuits designed for both sporty occasions like swimming laps as well as fun beach or pool outings.

Swimwear Pieces with High-Quality Product Features

When shopping for swimwear pieces to swim laps in, shop for something that offers multiple product features. If you swim in an outdoor lap pool, invest in a swimsuit constructed with UPF protection. This will ensure the skin under your swimsuit garment is adequately protected from harmful UV rays. When swimming laps in a pool, whether your pool at home or a pool at a local gym, chlorine is something to keep in mind. To prevent fast fading and deterioration of your swimsuit’s fabric, shop for chlorine-resistant swimsuits. This way, you are getting a high-quality swimsuit that will last a long time, providing you with the most cost-effective product.

Try a Rash Guard

If you have sensitive skin, are swimming in a cold pool, or swimming laps in a natural body of water — be it a river, lake, or the ocean — a rash guard might be the perfect option for you. Rash guards come in different styles, lengths, and sizes, so you can choose from short-sleeve or long-sleeve tops. For swim bottoms, you can choose between rash guard shorts or rash guard leggings. Like swimsuits, rash guards come in a variety of styles, prints, and colors. If you need something convenient and practical, explore our rash guard tops in solid colors such as white, blue, black, or gray. If you love a trendy print, try our rash guards in colorful jacobean, floral prints, stripes, or any other style! In addition to multiple styles to choose from, you can find rash guards that are designed with multiple product features, including chlorine resistance and UPF protection.

A Tankini Top and Bikini Bottom Combo

If you want a little more coverage than a sporty bikini to better protect your skin from the water and other natural elements, a tankini top is your best friend. A form-fitting, secure, snug tankini top can rest comfortably on your skin while swimming laps, and you’ll never have to worry about your top or bottoms slipping. Paired with bikini bottoms, a tankini top and bikini bottom combo provide you with plenty of freedom of movement in any body of water as well as excellent coverage. You can mix and match tankini tops with various bottoms in unique colors, prints, and cuts. Additionally, when you shop at Lands’ End, you will find that all of our bikini and tankini tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched, providing you with multiple swimwear outfits.

When deciding on the right swimwear for swimming laps, opt for swimsuits designed with durable fabrics designed to last. Secondly, the style and cut of the swimsuit will influence your freedom of movement and comfort levels, so opt for a swimsuit with minimal style detail or extra length. And finally, anything that hugs the skin securely will provide you with easy movement in the water.

Are you looking for high-quality swimwear to increase the quality of your swimming experience? In need of athletic swimwear for swimming laps or participating in any other water sports? Visit Lands’ End today to explore the best selection of swimwear for men, women, and children.


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