The Best Rash Guards and Swim Tees for the Family

The Best Rash Guards and Swim Tees for the Family

If you’re heading to the beach, pick up some swim tees and rash guards for your family. Ours are made with cutting-edge fabric that provides UPF 50 protection and blocks 98% of harmful rays. They’re also comfortable enough to wear on land, so don’t put them away when your vacation ends.

Plus-size women should try an adjustable swim tunic rash guard. Lightweight and stretchy, they feature side ties that allow you to create a custom fit. Put one on over your favorite tankinis or a one-piece, and you can have fun without getting burned. Take a peek at our many styles and patterns, you are sure to find the best rash guard for women of all shapes and sizes!

Do you want some extra coverage? Then skip the bikini bottoms and pair your swim tee with some board shorts that reach to your mid-thighs or knees. You can also try some swim leggings, or one of our high-rise swim skirts for a little tummy control, too.

Rash guards are good for kids, too. They’ll protect their sensitive skin from salt water, sand, and other irritants. After dark, swim tees double as cozy cover-ups that are great for roasting marshmallows on the beach or taking a twilight walk along the shore.

We also have the best rash guards for men. The classic short-sleeve swim tee men’s rash guard is great for surfing and water skiing, but he can also wear it when lounging on the beach or playing with the kids. The soft material won’t rub or chafe, so he’ll feel totally laidback.

He can also use his swim tee away from the beach. They’re great for puttering in the garden or mowing the lawn on a hot day. He can even take one hiking or cycling; the soft and stretchy material wicks away moisture, so he can work up a sweat, but still feel nice and cool.

If you’re into sports, you definitely need a swim tee. Wear one for a game of beach volleyball, or when you go water skiing. They’re also nice for surfing, as they can help prevent a nasty rash caused by skidding across a freshly waxed board.

Keep everyone’s rash guard in good shape by rinsing them in running water immediately after wearing. This removes salt, chlorine, and other substances that take a toll on swimwear. Afterward, tuck them in a plastic bag and slip it in your favorite beach bags.

Like all bathing suits, swim tees and rash guards should never go in the washing machine or dryer. Instead, clean them in your sink using a little baby shampoo or a mild, bleach-free detergent. For extra freshness, add some vinegar to eliminate lingering odors.

When you’re done, carefully squeeze the water out of your swim tee without twisting or wringing it. Find somewhere it can lay flat while air drying, but keep it away from bright light, which can cause fading.


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