Summer Sweaters

Best Summer Sweaters for the Office

Summer is returning, bringing the promise of sunnier, warmer weather, and easy, breezy outfits. Your office, however, will now begin pumping the air conditioning, and it might be turned up a little too high for your liking. Cue summer sweaters! They will come to your rescue while you're working hard for those eight hours in your office, which might feel like an icebox at times.

Women’s sweaters aren't just a fall fashion staple. There are so many ideal lightweight sweaters for the summer when you are working in your air-conditioned office and need a little extra coverage to keep warm. We’ve highlighted some of the top choices below.

A Supima Cotton Cardigan Sweater

Cotton is such a quality, go-to material because it is lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and soothing on the skin. Cotton cardigans can be conveniently worn over a sleeveless blouse, and they can really enhance your entire outfit. The button-up front makes it easy to take the cardigan on and off, so you have something to wear in varying temperatures. A solid-colored cardigan sweater in something like pastel yellow or light pink gives off a summery vibe, and the material is just thick enough to keep you warm in the office. A button-up cardigan sweater can be worn with a midi skirt, over a floral dress, or with a pair of trousers. It’s versatile and goes nicely with a wide selection of other articles of clothing.

A Long, Open, Cardigan Sweater

A slightly different style than the supima cotton cardigan, this sweater is longer and open, as the name suggests, which means you’ll want to pair this top with specific bottoms. A long cardigan sweater with a knee-length midi skirt might look a bit disorganized and sloppy. But if you pair a long cardigan sweater with a cute T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, it makes for a casual yet put-together outfit. Also, investing in a longer cardigan sweater means more warm cotton material to wrap yourself up in if it gets a little chilly in the office. When you choose an open cardigan instead of a button-up, it’s even easier to take off when you’re back outside in the scorching heat.

A Short-Sleeved Crewneck Sweater

A sweater isn’t designed solely for warmth, as is the case with a short-sleeved crewneck sweater. The main function of this sweater is style. A short-sleeved sweater in a solid color like navy or pink is utilitarian and minimalist. It allows you to look stylish in an understated way. And because it’s got such a low-maintenance look, you can pair a short-sleeved sweater with many different bottoms, from wide-leg trousers to jeans to pencil skirts. If you like the idea of wearing a short-sleeve sweater during the summer in the workplace, but still need an extra layer to keep you warm, you can add an additional sweater like a long, open cardigan.


Though not technically a sweater, lightweight fleece is a great option to keep you cozy in a frigid office. Fleece materials tend to be far softer and warmer than many other types of sweaters, so you can always slip a fleece in your work bag to make the air conditioning more bearable. Most fleeces are zip-up, making them a cinch to get on and off. Fleece isn’t designed merely for functionality and the sake of keeping you warm; you can easily find many fleece options in fun colors and patterns to go along with the rest of your professional attire. <.p>

A Cotton Cable Drifter Crew Neck Sweater

Although summer is the warmest season of the year, depending on the region where you live, you could experience unseasonably cool summer days. In this event, consider a good old-fashioned pullover, like a cotton cable drifter crew neck sweater. It’s a classic style that gives off a polished, professional, and fashionable look. Save a sweater like this for the days when you don’t need a second layer for varying temperatures, but instead know you will be chilly both outside and in the office. This sweater style goes well with many different bottoms, but it often looks especially sharp with a pair of skinny jeans or fitted dress pants.

Even if the idea of a sweater in the summer may not seem like a necessity, you will thank yourself for investing in a few for those cold days in the office AC. Shop around and find the lightweight sweater styles and women’s cardigans that most accurately fit your tastes. Not only will you feel warm and cozy in the office, but you’ll also look great too!

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