Best Summer Outfits for Going on a Bike Ride

Best Summer Outfits for Going on a Bike Ride

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to spend time enjoying the great outdoors. Especially this summer, where being outside has become an important way for many to socialize and enjoy the company of others. Going on a bike ride can be a great way to be outside, spend time with friends, go on a family outing, and get some fun exercise. Whether you prefer a hardcore mountain biking adventure or a meander through the park on wheels, it’s important to be sure you have the right gear for style and comfort. 

More dedicated bikers will often wear snug suits for racing or long-distance riding, but in most cases, there is no need for such formalities. Choosing what to wear while biking this summer needs to reflect your personal style with functionality and comfort. Comfy clothes are key when it comes to being active, so be sure you have enough space for mobility and the right fabric for breathability.

1. Summer Dress 

For a ride through the park with friends or a trip into town, why not look your absolute cutest. While wearing a summer dress on a bike has its drawbacks, women have done it for decades, and all the inconvenience is worth the classic look. Choose a cotton summer dress for breathability and airflow. You’ll be sweating as you cycle, so choose a breathable and comfortable material like cotton. Pick a dress with a hemline that can help you avoid the bottom getting caught up in the pedals and gears. Alternatively, you can tie it to keep a longer skirt from dropping into the mechanics. Consider wearing a pair of bike shorts underneath the dress.

2. Capris

They aren’t called pedal pushers for nothing. Capris and cycling make us reminisce about the 1960s and icons like Audrey Hepburn. Choose a pair of comfy capris for summer to make sure they are loose and breathable enough to make a summer bike ride as leisurely as possible. Capris are a great choice for both long distance and causal biking. To complete the charming retro look, pair with a crop top or cotton blouse and some oversized sunglasses. You’ll feel like you’re on your own “Roman Holiday” in no time.

3. Shorts   

Shorts are one of the best options for going on a bike ride in the summer. Not only do they come in a wide variety of styles and designs to fit anyone’s individual needs, but they provide the comfort and practicality for any kind of bike riding. For ultimate breathability and mobility, choose a pair of women’s shorts. These can be comfortably and stylishly worn with just about anything on top. If you’re going on a longer bike ride and are anticipating any unexpected weather, bring a sweatshirt for cooler temperatures and a rain jacket for any rain. It’s good to remember that you will heat up while riding, so bare legs will help you cool off while layers up top will help you stay insulated if the weather changes. 

If your skin tends to burn easily or you prefer a little more modesty, opt instead for a pair of long shorts. Long biker style shorts also happen to be very trendy right now so you get to reap the benefits of being stylish and comfortable at all once.  

4. Sweat Pants   

If it’s a cooler summer day or you just prefer to cover your legs, wear a pair of sweat pants. We recommend wearing a pair that cinches around the ankle so the hems don’t get caught in the pedals or gears. Otherwise, opt for a style like yoga pants or leggings that will hug your legs and make pedaling feel effortless. The good news about wearing leggings or yoga pants is that what you choose to wear on top can create any sort of look you’re going for. Wear a racerback tank top or sports bra. Or wear a loose cotton summer blouse or tunic with your favorite pair of canvas sneakers. The options are endless and you’ll still be comfortable and stylish. 

5. Tops and Shirts  

Choosing what top to wear while going on a bike ride this summer is all dependent on what kind of bike ride you’re looking to take. For a casual ride with friends or family, we recommend something loose and comfortable that allows for breathing and mobility. Try a simple chic white cotton T-shirt or a loose fitted tank top. If you’re going on a bike ride for exercise or on an adventure, wear an activewear shirt or a moisture-wicking tank top. Remember that you will get hot while biking, so be sure that you have enough space to sweat and breathe without feeling uncomfortable.

Whether you’re going on a biking adventure or a casual cycle with friends, having the right outfit for practicality and comfort is key for biking this summer. Remember to stay hydrated and wear a helmet! Happy riding.


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