Best Summer Bedroom Decor

Different seasons prompt people to change how they decorate and dress during the year. Other times of the year have moods that make decorating a dynamic and fun tradition. During the summer, your home’s decorative theme naturally takes on a lighter, brighter, more relaxed approach. It’s common to see beachy themes, summer Cabana moods, farmhouse decor, and even a slice of jungalow with summer decorating.

Bedrooms also undergo some significant changes. People often switch out their bedding and window treatments to reflect the levity and fun of the season. You also will find your night sleep much more comfortable with lighter blankets made of cooling and absorbent materials. What is the best summer bedroom decor for you? This guide will show you a few tips on how to keep your place looking fresh during the summer months.

Change the Bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. You can transform its appearance by using summer-themed duvet covers. While fall and winter call for chunky knit blankets and thick down comforters, summer blankets are lighter and made out of materials that allow you to breathe.

Since temperatures fluctuate at night during different times of the year, using the right bedding is important to get a good night’s sleep. In some parts of the country, it’s so hot at night that just bedsheets are enough to keep you cozy throughout the night. So, even if you only have 5 minutes, you can refresh your bedroom by changing your comforter to create a new color scheme and design. You may also place decorative throw blankets and pillows on top of your bed to add even more depth to its style.

New Window Treatments

In the winter, thick drapes insulate your room from the cold outside. In the summer, there are different needs, which include some type of darkening shade to keep the heat and sun out during the day. When you trade out wintry curtains for ones that are made of lighter materials in summer colors like pink, yellow, robin’s egg blue, green, or white, you can bring the mood of summer into your room. Floral designs and geometric shapes are also iconic of summer because they are fun and fresh. You may also want to upgrade your windows with new blinds, such as wooden slats or stylish Roman shades.

The Power of Area Rugs

Not only should you look to the windows and to your bed, but you should also look at your flooring for more decorating opportunities. Your floor’s design can significantly affect the way the room looks. For instance, if you have a bare hardwood floor, an area rug would add more fresh colors and patterns to your room. You can also go with wall-to-wall carpeting to add more richness to your design plan or even segment another section of the room. For the best results, make sure your carpeting is in sync with your bedding, or at least be a neutral color like black so that it can match with anything you change throughout the year.

Wall Art

When you switch your wall art for something summer, you will unlock many ways to enrich your bedroom. Tuck away artwork suited for other seasons, such as pictures of pumpkins or dark and moody artwork that is more iconic of colder seasons. Check out photos that make you feel like summer is here, such as images of peaches, flamingos, bright flowers, and other cheerful photos.

Other artful ideas include photos of exotic destinations and places you have traveled to. You may also prefer to hang up quirky sculptures, tapestries, or place a few indoor plants around the room. A tall snake plant will give texture and color to vertical spaces while adding organic greenery.

Lighting Upgrades

Summer has the longest days of the year, which makes daytime lighting a minor concern. However, you can prioritize some cool mood lights to turn on after 9 p.m., such as string LED lights that can help you relax and fall asleep; night lights, lava lamps, and candles will also make your room a soothing oasis at the end of a long summer day.

Be sure to look for style when you pick out a new lamp, sconce, or other light fixtures too. These are often big-ticket items and should be able to transition with each season. For example, the base of a floor lamp should be neutral in color and design so it can be styled with your yearly decorative themes, such as changing out a lampshade according to different seasons.

We hope these tips will help you create a summer bedroom that you will love! For more ideas and inspiration, check out more of our blogs.

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