Best Summer Activities for 2023

Best Summer Activities for 2023

When school’s out and the weather is warm and sunny, days should be spent outside. This summer, plan some fun summer activities for you and your family to do throughout the season. From going to the beach to having a backyard party, there are plenty of ways to make memories this summer. Below, find some great activities to plan for summer 2023, whether you’re ready for a weekend trip or looking for something you can do spur of the moment.

Go to the Beach

Few things say summer more than a trip to the beach. This summer, pack your beach bags and plan a beach day for you and your family. You can spend the day swimming, boogie boarding, building sandcastles, and simply lounging in the sun—just don’t forget an umbrella so everyone stays protected from the sun’s rays. If you live too far for a day trip, make your beach activity into a weekend-long getaway—book a hotel, pack some pajamas for the whole family, and have a relaxing weekend in your closest beach town.

Visit a Waterpark

If you don’t live close enough to the ocean to go on a beach trip, plan a visit to a nearby waterpark, so you and your kids do some splashing around. Just slip on your swimsuits

and be on your way to this fun-filled adventure. Once you’re there, make a plan, so you know exactly which waterslides and lazy rivers your kids want to try first. There will be plenty of ways to beat the heat throughout the park.

Best of all? Most waterparks have many food options for visiting families, so you don’t even have to worry about packing snacks or a picnic lunch.

Take a Long Bike Ride

Family bike rides are ideal for warm summer days when the sunrise is early and sunset is late, both of which give you plenty of time to embark on a bike ride. Not only are they fun, but they get everyone moving and away from television, computer, and phone screens. Bike rides are ideal for families of all ages—you can put little kids in an attached kid’s bike seat, or help them along as they ride their bike with training wheels. You can even go at a leisurely pace and invite grandma and grandpa along, too.

For a long bike ride, you’ll want the entire family to be comfy, so dress everyone in athletic clothes and sneakers, and be sure to put on your women’s workout pants for the day.

Host a Barbecue

The smell of grilled burgers and hot dogs is an instant sign of summer. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday like July 4th or having friends in for a spur-of-the-moment gathering, a barbecue is a great way to make the most of the summer months. You can make your barbecue an adults-only party or invite in the neighborhood kids, too. Either way, it’ll be a fun time—just be sure to have some games planned for any youngsters. Break out a sprinkler or a few jump ropes if you plan to make this a kid-friendly party.

Wear one of your cotton dresses, which will keep you cool as you’re outside and will allow for plenty of movement during party prep.

Tie-Dye With Your Family

Tie-dying clothes or accessories is a fun activity for all and also a great way to get in some family craft time this summer. Pick up some plain white t-shirts, tank tops, kitchen towels, and even socks to tie-dye with your family. Go outside (you’ll definitely want to be outside for this one), put on some music, and let your creativity shine.

In the end, your kids will end up with a few new favorite kid’s t-shirts that they created themselves. You may even have a new favorite tank top to wear on hot summer days!

Have a Water Balloon Fight

If your kids are bored and you’re looking for a quick activity to do in a pinch, try having a water balloon fight in your backyard. You just need balloons (which you probably have on hand from the last family birthday party) and water! Dress your littles in their favorite kid’s swimsuits, so they’re all ready for an afternoon of outdoor water play. Don’t forget to put on your swimsuit, too!

Make sure there’s plenty of water for your family to drink, too. Water balloon fights involve a surprising amount of running around.

However, you decide to spend your summer days, be sure to plan plenty of time outdoors. It’s a season meant for sunbathing, swimming, and playing outside—and that’s what will create the best memories for you and your family.


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