Stocking Stuffers for St. Nicholas on December 6th

Stocking Stuffers for St. Nicholas on Dec. 6th

St. Nicholas Day on December 6 is a fun day that makes the long wait for Christmas a little more bearable for kids. On the night of December 5, kids around the world put their boots outside their front door or hang their stockings on the mantle for St. Nick to fill with goodies while making his rounds. These gifts are smaller than what Santa might bring in just a few weeks. St. Nick usually brings candy and small items to keep the kids occupied that morning. If you’re curious about what St. Nick should bring your kids this year, keep reading for some simple but special stocking stuffer ideas.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

No matter the age of the recipient, personalized Christmas ornaments are a great gift idea. Buying personalized Christmas ornaments is a great tradition to have year after year. Every year, the kids will look forward to receiving their own personalized ornament that they will be able to hang on the tree — one that represents them specifically among all the other family ornaments. And they’ll have a collection of ornaments to take with them when they move out on their own and get their own trees as adults.

Socks for Stockings

Before you scrunch up your nose and assume that kids won’t want socks, think again. Today’s socks are cooler than they ever were and are great ways for kids to express their personalities. You can find socks with all different designs these days, whether your kids enjoy animals, like sloths and unicorns, or food, like pasta, pizza, and chocolate, you’re bound to find something to make them smile. Or you can get them a super fuzzy pair they’ll love wearing around the house instead of kids slippers. You can even stuff additional treats inside the socks for an extra surprise.

Make the Stocking a Gift

Speaking of socks and stockings, why not make the stocking a gift on its own, particularly a monogrammed needlepoint stocking to make it even more special? Unlike a typical stocking, it also has the attention to detail that only needlepoint can provide, making it something to proudly hang on the mantle year after year. Its soft velvet back is also an elegant touch. And if you get it personalized, everyone will know which stocking is theirs in the morning, avoiding any confusion between the kids. Of course, it also makes it easier on St. Nick when he’s making his rounds.  

Pets Can Be on the Nice List Too

Christmas bandana for dogs will ensure your four-legged friends get a gift that will keep them looking festive all season. Buying it from Lands’ End gives you the option to personalize it for that added personal touch. Plus, it will be made of a comfy soft flannel that dogs deserve just as much as humans. If your dog doesn't love bandannas, you could also get them some new toys, a collar, or even a set of bowls!

Everyone Loves Jewelry

Any girl waking up on the morning of St. Nick’s Day will appreciate looking into a stocking and seeing a shiny new pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace. It doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry either. Something seasonal with snowflake designs or a piece that will remind them of this particular St. Nick holiday is a great idea. You can even monogram something with the date on it to make it extra special, like a locket. Boys might also enjoy a new watch or maybe their first pair of cufflinks. Of course, this isn’t limited to children. Adults on the nice list would be quite surprised to see that St. Nick remembered them in the morning.  

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If you’re struggling with personalized gift ideas that will actually fit into a stocking, you have two choices: you can either get a bigger stocking, or you can try to appreciate the small stuff. Go back to the feelings you had as a kid when you woke up to an unexpected gift. While candy itself can be the perfect gift, there are lots of fun miniature items you can find, like miniature craft sets, travel-size games, puzzles, pens, notepads, and more. The small gifts are sometimes the most fun to receive.

With St. Nick’s Day right around the corner, hopefully, these ideas have helped complete your shopping list. And who knows? Maybe St. Nick will bring you something this year too! Hang up your stocking or put out a shoe, and see if you made it onto his nice list this year.


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