Outfits You Need for Your Staycation

4 Outfits You Need for Your Staycation

The value of going on a staycation isn’t lost on those who love the idea of remaining close to home instead of traveling to a far-flung destination. It’s an opportunity to relax and get away from it all — without actually going away at all. It’s all about enjoying some much-needed downtime on a budget.

You don’t have to think about packing your bags, making reservations, or sitting in traffic for hours while you drive to your destination. This is simply an opportunity to get away from your daily grind, unwind, and refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. Some people may choose to check into a local hotel, but you can just as easily enjoy a quality staycation in your own home. These women’s loungewear outfits will see you through your break in complete comfort!

Shorts and a Tee

It doesn’t get more casual or appropriate for a staycation than a pair of comfy women’s shorts and an effortless T-shirt. The idea is to wear something that puts you completely at ease, and when it’s warm outside, you’ll want nothing more than to wear clothes that help you feel as cool and relaxed as possible.

Look for shorts that allow for maximum mobility, and shirts that add a pop of color to the mix. This is a great outfit to wear while you’re relaxing on the deck, gardening in the yard, or going for a walk around the neighborhood or to the local park with your kids. Pull-on styles with elastic waists are especially comfortable if you want nothing but simplicity from top to bottom. You can throw them on as needed and swap them for another garment quickly.

Capri Pants and a Tee

If you’re planning to spend some quality time outdoors and enjoy the benefits of mother nature while you’re on your staycation, consider a pair of capri pants. These easy bottoms provide more coverage than shorts and make a great alternative to shorts on slightly cooler spring days. Wear them while you’re hiking with a long-sleeve top for optimal comfort, and make sure you have a pair of sturdy shoes with thick rubber outsoles on your feet for optimal traction and stability.

Capri pants are also perfect to wear if you’re doing things around the house. A staycation is all about getting some much-needed rest and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strike a fine balance and even be productive during this time. For example, you might be tempted to nap on the hammock outside, but you may also want to get to work on a long-delayed DIY project that you’ve been putting off for a while. Capri pants are a simple choice that will help you stay comfortable through it all.

T-Shirt Dress and Sandals

You don’t necessarily have to get ready for anything special when you’re on staycation, but you might have a general preference for at least getting slightly dressed and appearing more pulled together. If someone drops by unexpectedly, you’ll feel more presentable in a T-shirt dress and a pair of slides.

Tee dresses are inherently simple and easy to wear. You can put them on with ease — you don’t have to worry about the bells and whistles associated with corporate styles, like buttons and zippers and adornments and embellishments. You can simply pull it on and get on with whatever the day might bring. Add a light necklace and slip on a pair of comfortable and supportive slides if you want to look even more polished without actually getting dressed up.

Sweatpants and a Top

Never dismiss the value of a great pair of women’s sweatpants. Soft to the touch, perfect for lounging, and ideal when all you want to do is kick back and binge-watch your latest obsession, they feel great and are easy to wear when you’re in the middle of an epic staycation at home.

Throw on an equally comfy women’s top, like a sweatshirt, so that you can stay cozy on cooler days. Use this as an opportunity to practice some true self-care. Do something that you really want to do and just haven’t had time to accomplish, whether it’s preparing an indulgent meal or reading the book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for weeks or relaxing with your little ones or your significant other on the couch. The entire point of a staycation is to get back in touch with the little things that mean the most to you. You’ll enjoy it all a whole lot more if you’re completely comfortable in your clothing!

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