The Best Stadium Jackets for Football Season

The Best Stadium Jackets for Football Season

If you plan on attending football games this season, stay warm with a stadium jacket. These outerwear staples are aptly named, as they cut the chill while you enjoy outdoor events. In this article, you’ll learn more about stadium jackets—also known as stadium coats—and what to wear them with.

What is a Stadium Jacket?

Stadium jackets are some of the warmest winter coats, as they’re insulated for warmth. Whether you’re shopping for women’s or men’s outerwear, you’ll find stadium coat features are basically the same across the board. These jackets come in sizes to fit every body, and they’re available in a range of colors from neutrals to brights.

When shopping for outerwear, one thing to look for is the warmth rating. Stadium jackets have a Warmest rating, which means they protect against temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit. The shell of these coats is typically made from waterproof nylon, which also helps block wind, while sealed seams ensure water or cold air doesn’t seep in.

Some stadium jackets have quilted detailing, which gives them a look that’s similar to a quilted barn coat except much warmer. They’re equipped with hoods that you can tighten and loosen with a drawcord to keep your head warm and dry. Plus, they have storm cuffs that provide a snug fit that you can pull down over the opening of your winter gloves to seal in the warmth.

Pockets are a must-have feature to have when buying a stadium jacket. You can stash important items such as cash and cards in the zippered pockets and use the on-seam pockets to keep your hands even warmer. Stadium coats have a zippered closure, and some have two-way zippers with a storm flap for additional protection.

Stadium jackets feature cold-busting Squall® technology, which is also found in many other coat styles. There are down coats and synthetic down outerwear pieces made from Primaloft, which is the same material you’ll find in many stadium jackets. It has the warmth and loft of down without any feathers, and it keeps you warm even if it gets wet.

Outfits to Wear with Stadium Jackets

Now that we’ve talked about what stadium jackets are and why they’re great for football games, let’s discuss what to wear them with. There are plenty of options, so it can be hard to choose. The most important factors when dressing for a cold-weather sporting event is warmth and comfort, which should go hand-in-hand.

Women can wear fleece-lined leggings and boots with a long sweater. Tunic tops are also good to pair with leggings or skinny jeans, especially when you layer on a long open cardigan on top before slipping on your stadium jacket. Jeans are a classic choice and come in styles ranging from women’s bootcut jeans and straight-leg styles to on-trend high-rise jeans. Wear them with flannel shirts or even your favorite women’s or men’s sweatshirt.

No matter what outfit you choose, there are men’s and women’s thermals that you can layer underneath for the coldest evenings. Some are made with silk interlock fabric that uses your body’s moisture to generate heat, with moisture-wicking properties that help prevent overheating and perspiration buildup.

The right socks are also an important part of your foundation layers when dressing for a football game. If you’re wearing boots, a thick wool boot sock is a good choice. Try different socks to find the pair that works best with your shoes or winter boots. While you don’t want your feet to get too hot, you want to make sure they stay warm enough in frigid temperatures.

Football games often take place in the evenings after dark, so layers are advisable. As mentioned, you can wear sweaters over tunics and other tops. Flannel shirts and button-downs can be worn under sweaters for both men and women. Another item that’s ideal for layering is the fleece vest. There are men’s and women’s fleece vests that you can wear under a stadium jacket for extra warmth.

If you get too hot, you can remove a layer or two from your outfit and still stay warm. Layering your football game apparel is also good if you plan to meet friends at a restaurant after the game. Even if you take your coat off in the establishment, a fleece jacket or vest over a turtleneck can be adequate until you’re ready to head back out into the cold.

Accessorizing Your Stadium Jacket

It’s easy to accessorize a stadium jacket for football games. Wear unisex winter hats, scarves, and gloves in a color motif that represents your favorite team to show your spirit. The only other accessory you might need is a zippered bag with essentials such as keys, cards, travel-size toiletries and other items you’d like to take along. A portable phone charger is a good tech item to carry along, so you’ll have plenty of charge available to take photos from the beginning of the game to the final point scored.


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