Best Spring Activities to Do With Kids

Weekend Spring Activities to Do With Kids

Don’t spend warm, sunny spring weekends indoors watching TV or playing games on the computer. Instead, make plans to get outside with your family during the pleasant spring weather. There are many great activities that you and your kids can do outdoors throughout the spring months whether you’re an adventurous family or a group that likes to hang out in the backyard.

Here are some ways to spend your spring weekends with your kids.

Plant a Garden

Spring is a time for blossoming flowers and budding leaves. The rainy days of April make way for new plants and flowers nearly everywhere you look. This spring, take advantage of this by planting a backyard garden with your kids. You can plant flowers, herbs, produce—whatever speaks to you most. You can even let your kids pick what you plant! If you’re planning to do some gardening with your kids this spring, just remember that it’s an activity that involves lots of dirt. Dress your kids appropriately: don’t put them in one of their brand-new graphic t-shirts, instead, dress them in clothes that can get a little dirty. And that goes for your outfit, too!

Get out the Chalk

For generations, chalk has been a favorite outdoor activity for kids. Let your youngsters show off their finest chalk drawings on the sidewalk or in the driveway this spring. Not only will they get to express themselves, but they’ll also create a lovely design for all passersby to enjoy.

Once their done drawing, get them inside for a bath—chalk will likely get all over their hands and clothes. Be ready to wash the chalk off and then dry your kids off with some fluffy bath towels.

Have a Picnic

Whether you head to a popular nearby park or just take a few steps out to your yard, a spring picnic is an ideal way to add something different to the day. Instead of having lunch or dinner at the kitchen table, take the family outside for a to-go meal. You can whip up some sandwiches or order a pizza for your family. The pleasantness of mild spring temperatures and later sunsets is fleeting, so you may as well fully embrace it. Just don’t forget to bring a throw blanket to sit on.

Go to the Zoo

You likely haven’t spent much time at an outdoor zoo since the last warm days of fall. Treat your kids to a zoo day trip where they can see animals, learn about cool creatures, and you can snap a few photos for your family album. You may even be able to get a zoo staffer to snap some photos of you and your family. In the case of rain, be sure to pack your family’s best raincoats so a bit of drizzle doesn’t end the day early.

Go Fly Kites

On a windy (but not too windy) spring day, put your tots in their kid’s fleece jackets and head out for an afternoon of kite-flying. The activity is a quintessential spring and summer activity that's good for kids of all ages—whether they’re three or twelve.

And if you don’t already have kites, you can easily shop for them online or at any of the big-box stores near you. Spending an afternoon flying kites with your kids will create fun memories.

Take Part in a Neighborhood or Park Clean-Up

Outdoor spring activities don’t have to be all fun and games, you can teach your children the importance of giving back on a spring weekend, too. Find a nearby neighborhood or park clean-up and sign the whole family up for it. Not only will the presenting organization be happy for additional volunteers, but you and your kids will also feel rewarded after spending an afternoon cleaning up a beloved park or neighborhood area. This is another one where you won't want to wear your best women’s oxford shirt.

Instead, put the whole family in athletic gear, including some sturdy sneakers. After the clean-up ends, treat your kids to an ice cream cone for their hard work—and don’t forget to talk to them about the importance of giving back.

Make some plans to get outdoors during the upcoming spring weekends. The season goes by fast, so it’s important to mark your calendar in advance. Luckily, there are many easy activities that will get you and your kids outside on spring weekends without much advance planning or effort.


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