Best Spring Outfits for a Petite Woman

Spring Outfit Ideas for a Petite Woman

When you’re petite, you constantly have to deal with sorting through clothes at shops that are just too big and meant for someone with a totally different body shape. It can be hard to find clothes and outfits that fit you right and make you feel confident. At Lands’ End, we have an entire line of petite women’s clothing, ranging from tops and skirts to pants and swimsuits.

If you’re petite and looking for some fashion inspiration, look no further. Here are some spring outfit ideas for petite women to wear all throughout the spring months—and even into the summer.

A Cardigan and Maxi Dress

A maxi dress may sound like a bad idea for a petite woman, but in reality, if you buy a petite-sized maxi dress, the long dress will be cut to fit you right. In the spring months, a maxi dress is a great choice out of your closet of petite dresses. Why? It keeps your legs warm on a chilly day and is a practical item to wear all throughout the season, whether it’s March 20 or May 30.

While a maxi dress is an outfit all on its own, it also looks great when worn with a button-up cardigan, ideally in a cropped or hip-length style. A cardigan in any color will work, but make sure the color doesn’t clash with your maxi dress. If you’re wearing a black maxi dress, you can really wear any color cardigan—but if you’re in a bright green maxi dress, you likely won’t want to wear a yellow cardigan. Instead, try for a cream or white cardigan.

A Midi Skirt and Chambray Top

A chambray top looks great all year round, but there is something especially great about wearing a chambray top in the spring months. The shirt looks great with everything, but when paired with a petite midi skirt, an unexpectedly chic outfit is unlocked. There’s something about the contrast between the structured chambray and the breezy nature of a midi skirt that makes the outfit really shine. For shoes, wear this cute spring outfit with a pair of ballet flats or open-toed flat sandals.

Leggings and a Tunic

Leggings and a tunic are a beloved pairing that all women gravitate toward, whether they’re petite or tall. When shopping for this look, just be sure to buy a petite tunic to make sure the top isn’t too long on you. Once you have your ideal tunic, make sure it covers your bottom (leggings should never be worn with tops that don’t—unless you don’t plan on leaving the house).

This casual outfit is a great one for hanging out on a neighbor’s porch or running a few errands with your partner. Slip-on shoes look great with your leggings and tunic outfit, and white fashion sneakers do, too.

A White Button-Down Top and Jeans

Is there anything more classic than a white button-down top and a pair of jeans? We don’t think so. In the spring months, lean into the timeless trend by getting yourself a white button-down top to wear with your go-to classic jeans . As far as accessories, you don’t need much with this understated look, just grab your canvas tote bag and a pair of sunglasses.

This outfit is trendy and truly never goes out of style. It can be worn to PTA meetings, to dinner with your partner, or to a neighborhood kid’s birthday party. The opportunities are endless, and it’s a great style to reach for in a pinch. If it’s a particularly hot spring day, you can roll up your shirt sleeves, but luckily, white button-down shirts tend to be breathable.

In the End, Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

All in all, when you’re petite, it’s important to make sure your clothes fit you correctly. You don’t want to be consumed by a too-big cardigan or dress. When possible, it’s important to buy your clothes in petite sizes and to get your pieces tailored to fit you when petite sizes aren’t an option. By having a wardrobe full of petite pieces, you’ll be ready to take on whatever the day holds.

Spring is a fun time for fashion: you no longer need to wear multiple layers just to leave the house and you can bring out some of your breezy warm-weather favorites. When dressing for spring, remember to have fun and go for items that celebrate the season: whether that’s billowy fabrics, bright colors, or floral prints.


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