The Best Spring Coats and Jackets to Bring on a Hiking Trip

The Best Spring Coats and Jackets to Bring on a Hiking Trip

As you begin planning your hiking trips this spring, don’t forget to also think about what gear you will need. Regardless of whether you are a low-key trail meanderer or enjoy scaling the occasional mountain peak, it is important to be sure that you have the right gear with you. In some extreme cases, the wrong gear could be potentially dangerous, so as you are planning your trip, take full account of what you will need to keep comfortable and safe. Especially when hiking in the spring, days can be hot, wet, or cold and you want to be fully prepared. An appropriate jacket is a good place to start. Read on for our guide to finding the best spring coats for your spring hiking needs.

There are some key factors to keep in mind when choosing a coat to bring on a hiking trip. First, how long is your trip? If you plan to go casually for just a few hours, it is safe to say you can more easily plan for unexpected weather than if you are going on a several-day hiking trip. Secondly, are you maintaining the same elevation or are you ascending on a trail? If you are going up, be sure to expect colder temperatures and more extreme weather. Third, how much are you able to carry? A pack will feel heavier the further you walk, so be sure to plan accordingly as you may be looking for lighter weight options.

All in all, the best hiking jackets should protect you from the sun during the day, keep you warm at night, feel comfortable, keep you dry during unexpected precipitation, and be light and packable enough to carry. A great spring coat for your upcoming hiking trip will fit most, if not all, of these requirements. However, not one kind of jacket fits all so be sure to know what you need and to read on about the best coats for your hiking trip.

Packable Jackets

For any trip where you're spending time outdoors, making sure your hiking jacket is light and packable is a big plus. Packable jackets are a favorite among hikers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts for the packable hiking jacket's compact size, lightweight material, and high-tech warmth. Many packable coats come with compression sacks or pack down into their own pockets for ultra-minimalist ease. Packable jackets come in many different styles so you can choose which version works for you. Whether you are looking for packable down coats or windbreakers, there is certainly something for you that will be perfect for your hiking trip.

Rain Jackets

If you have ever been caught in an unexpected downpour while outdoors, you know firsthand how that can dampen the rest of your day. This is especially true if you’re hours away from dry clothes and soaked to the bone. When you think of a hiking jacket, you might not think of a raincoat, but it's very important. Taking a raincoat with you is a great way to ensure getting soaked doesn’t happen. The best raincoats for hiking are those that are lightweight, hooded, and somewhat insulated. Some raincoats look the part but are not water-resistant. Be sure to check that your spring hike rain jacket has water-resistant technology that is also breathable.

Down Jacket

If you are planning a hiking trip where scaling mountains is involved, chances are the higher altitudes will be significantly cooler than where you started. It is especially important to stay warm while hiking, as the sweat produced by exercise can cool and cause you to catch a chill. The best spring coat to bring on a hike where you are anticipating cooler temperatures is a lightweight down jacket, such as a packable down coat. Down jackets are incredibly lightweight and warm, making them a perfect pick for your springtime hiking trips. These no-fuss jackets are great for travel, too, and can be stylish as well as functional making it super versatile. Down is also conveniently good at handling wet conditions for those sweats and unexpected drizzles.

Hardshell and Softshell Jackets

Hardshell and softshell jackets are both great choices for spring hiking jackets. So, what’s the difference? Hardshell jackets are important for any kind of outdoor enthusiast. They are designed to be lightweight, durable, waterproof, and breathable in rain, wind, or snow. They are considered must-haves for hiking, camping, or backpacking. Hardshells are, however, often uninsulated so be sure to bring layers or a women’s sweater to wear underneath to keep warm.

Softshell jackets are water-resistant, stretchy, breathable, lightweight, and offer moderate protection from the elements. They also allow for greater mobility so you feel as though you have a full range of motion while hiking. They often have a thin layer of fleece for added insulation and are the perfect jacket to wear for hiking, biking, running, or just hanging out in cooler weather. Both of these jacket styles are lightweight and easy to pack. The hardshell, as the name suggests, is slightly more durable and wind-breaking.

As you are planning your spring hiking trip into the great outdoors, remember to pack and dress accordingly for all weather scenarios to ensure you will stay warm and safe. Going on an adventure is best when you are confident you have the right clothing to stay warm and dry.



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