Best Sporty Plus-Size Swimwear Styles

Best Sporty Plus-Size Swimwear Styles

Lots of retailers carry great swimsuits, but they’re not necessarily great for every body. Especially concerning plus-size swimsuits, some retailers fail to realize that plus-size is a very general term that doesn’t necessarily apply to every plus-size body.

For example, you may find a plus-size swimsuit in your size, but it may be designed more for women with different needs in different areas of the body. It might offer support in the bust, for example, but lacks coverage in the bottom area. A fabulous plus-size woman needs a fabulous plus-size swimsuit to accentuate her body. There are many swimsuits for every body and every need, so there are lots to choose from if you’re looking for a plus-size sporty swimsuit.

Trust a Supportive One-Piece

A supportive plus-size one-piece swimsuit is great for activities that involve a lot of swimming, such as doing laps or swimming in open water. Of course, you could get away with a tankini, bikini, or anything water-resistant, but a one-piece is your best bet for making sure it stays in place and supports you in all the right areas. There are a few specific features you’ll want to look for if the lap lane is waiting for you. First, making sure it is chlorine-resistant will ensure that the fabric doesn’t deteriorate quicker than it should. Second, straps that crisscross in the back will stay put better than regular straps. Last, it has to feel comfortable enough for you to swim in—not too loose and not too tight.

Sport a Tankini

Tankinis are similar to one-piece suits in how they look, but they offer more variety in how they can be worn. Like a bikini, they offer the ability to mix and match with other tankinis or bikinis. Some have longer tops that make it look as if you’re wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Others have shorter tops that show a bit of the belly and help you work on your tan.

There are also various necklines and strap styles to consider when picking a tankini, especially a sporty tankini. A sporty look will be more streamlined and lack the ruffles and stringy straps. In addition, a sporty plus-size tankini will likely have a traditional swim bottom or shorts to allow for more activity than a swim skirt. If you’re in the market for a sporty tankini, look for the same features you would of a traditional one-piece, but have fun mixing and matching different tops to different bottoms.

Go With the Ever-Popular Swim Short

If you want to look sporty in your swimwear or if you need a garment that lets you stay active on land and in the water, plus-size swim shorts are the way to go. They can offer just as much coverage as a traditional pair of shorts, but they can be far more comfortable and allow for greater ease of movement. Plus, they dry really fast compared to a pair of shorts made of regular fabric. And they’re incredibly versatile, meaning they’re great whether you need them for a leisurely day at the beach or for high-impact sports like triathlons. Swim shorts come in a variety of styles for different levels of coverage. Whether you prefer short shorts or long board shorts, there’s bound to be a pair of swim shorts that looks great on you.

Opt for Extra Coverage With a High Neck

When being active in the sun and sand, proper support and coverage are ideal. A high-neck swimsuit can protect your decolletage area from the sun while also providing support in the bust area. Altogether, it provides a sophisticated, sleek look in and out of the water. High-neck swimsuits can have a traditional crewneck-like style, or they could look like a mock turtleneck. Some have the addition of a zipper, which adds a bit of style while also allowing the versatility of being able to leave it unzipped when you want to go for a different look. You can find high-neck swimsuits as either one-piece swimsuits or tankinis.

Rock a Rash Guard

If you don’t yet have a plus-size rash guard, you’ll likely find yourself wondering why you didn’t buy one sooner. They’re an essential part of a summer wardrobe, especially if you’re the sporty type. Basically, rash guards play two roles: one of a basic T-shirt and one of a swim T-shirt. That means you can wear it over your regular swimsuit for added coverage and take it off when you want your skin kissed by the sun. Because it dries super quickly, you won’t mind getting it wet either. Choose from long sleeves, short sleeves, V-necks, and crewnecks for a variety of coverage options.

If you tend to prefer dressy swimsuits that are more fashionable than functional, you’ll want a sporty swimsuit in your swimwear collection for those days when you really want to have fun in the sun.


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