The Best Raincoats for Spring

The Best Raincoats for Spring

Rain jackets for spring are a necessity for the whole family, and the best women's raincoats are the ones that will help protect you from the elements and look stylish. Discover the features, designs, and styles of the best raincoats to keep you going strong all season!

Look at How the Jacket Does at Resisting Water

When shopping for family raincoats, there are a host of features to consider. One of the most important to look for before buying is how well a raincoat actually does at resisting water. Since this is one of the key features, it’s essential that it does the job well. Depending on your climate and average weather patterns, you may want anything from a stylish jacket that resists water to a heavyweight lined rain jacket that completely repels water. Look to see whether the raincoat says water-resistant or waterproof. While water-resistant rain jackets can do well in many cases, a completely waterproof design will give you complete protection, which is a good option for areas that are more prone to heavy rainstorms or other precipitation. Turning to quality, well-known brands is another way to help ensure that you get a coat that will repel water well.

Consider Insulation and Linings

You know that you want a raincoat that is well equipped to fend off rain, so now it’s time to take a look at other beneficial features. If you live in a climate that tends to have a colder, wetter, or rainier spring, then you may want to invest in a jacket that has added features for warmth, such as insulation or linings. An insulated coat will be excellent for the colder spring temperatures, and a solid lining will help keep you warm as well as dry. Look for those that resist static and pilling for the best results. If you like the idea of a liner but are worried about using the coat when the temperatures rise, you may want to go for another option, such as a lightweight fleece jacket worn under your raincoat. That way you can mix and match your outerwear as needed for the warmth and protection for which the day calls.

Hooded Raincoats for Extra Protection

Another great feature that provides you with warmth and protection is a hood. These are ideal for kids as well as adults because they keep the hair and face covered. Adjustable hoods can be changed as needed to keep wind and water at bay. If you like the idea of a hood but aren’t sure you’ll need it all season, consider a detachable option.

Think About Raincoat Length

The best raincoats for spring help keep water out and keep you warm, but what about the length? There are a few pros and cons to the different styles, so choose what works best for your style personality and situation. Short rain jackets that fall near the waist or top of the hips have a more casual style that can work well for having to dash out in the rain for a short period. Mid-length rain jackets that fall just below the thigh are a classic look and work well for almost everyone. These are versatile and work well to keep water away from the majority of the body. This a flattering length that can be worn for work or play and can be worn with anything from corduroy pants to a pencil skirts. Longer lengths may go from the thigh down to the knee or even the ankle, and they are best for when you need more coverage. If you know you’ll be in the rain for more extended periods or tend to experience long stretches of rainy weather, it might be worth it to invest in a longer style. These can also look dressy, so they are good choices for wearing to the office.

Raincoat Features That Seal the Deal

Next, take a look at the smaller features of the raincoat to determine if it’s a good choice. Zippers, fasteners, buttons, and cord or drawstring adjustments should move easily and fasten so that they are snug and secure. A quality brand will have well-made details like smooth zippers and snug buttons to keep you protected. Look at what types of pockets are available — some have angled side pockets, some have closed front pockets, and some have hidden interior pockets. Think about your everyday needs and which pocket choices will meet them in your rain gear. Look at any adjustability features that could help create a tailored fit, such as waist cords and hood drawstrings. Some styles have adjustable bottoms as well to keep out the wind and rain.

Delightful Raincoat Designs

Finally, it comes down to style. While function is important, having a great style and color you love is also a big factor in your decision. From bright colors to soothing neutrals, heavyweight jackets to light packable jackets, there are lots of options to find the right color. Designs range from tailored looks to sporty styles, so have fun experimenting with the different jacket choices that will be your go-to this spring.


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