Best Plus-Size Swimsuit Options for Beach vs. Pool Time

Best Plus-Size Swimsuit Options for Beach vs. Pool Time

The great thing about swimsuit season is that there’s always a time and place for a cute new swimsuit. Whether you’re going to the beach this summer or plan to take a dip in a hotel swimming pool in the winter, a fashionable one-piece or tankini is a true confidence booster. Plus-size swimwear offers so many options for fashion-conscious people who want to stay active and look cute at the same time. There are shape-enhancing one-pieces, flirty bikinis, sporty rash guards, and frilly swim dresses to suit all moods and styles.

Since the beach and pool slightly differ in terms of amenities and sun protection needs, this guide will show you how to pick the best plus-size swimsuit for each place. Therefore, you can come to any body of water with the assurance that you look sharp and feel great.

Sun Protection for the Beach

One of the biggest concerns swimmers have when spending time at the beach is sun protection. Because you may spend hours with little to no shade at the beach, too much UV ray exposure is a major concern. This is why sun protective swimwear like UPF 50 plus-size rash guards are invaluable assets to have—along with sunblock, of course. Rash guards and swim tees with UPF 50 provide constant protection against about 98% of all UV rays, covering the shoulders, chest, and back—three areas that tend to get the most sunburns. This principle also applies to any other type of swimwear made of the same material.

The more coverage you have, the more sun protection you have. When you select UPF 50 fabric that is approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, you can rest assured that you’re blocking out most of the sun’s rays. Continue to wear sunblock throughout the day and reapply as necessary to make sure that you’re the most protected when out in the open.

Also, beachgoers need to be careful not only about walking on hot sand but also about stepping on sharp rocks and seashells. So take a pair of water shoes or flip-flops you can easily take on and off. That way, you can make your way through the sand without getting injured. By making proactive choices to stay protected from UV rays and dangerous terrain, you can have a safe and fun day at the beach.

Fun Fashion for the Pool

At the pool, many amenities like snack stands, the restroom, and your vehicle are most likely close by. There is less need to be dressed for strenuous movement and extended hauling down the beach. You may also be in an indoor pool, where you won’t need as much sun protection if any at all. This is an excellent time to show off some more revealing swimwear, like a bikini with plus-size high-waisted swimwear. This swimsuit will show off all your best features and work well for situations in which you don’t have to worry about beach gear and sunblock reapplication.

Mix and match your high-waisted bottoms with cute bikini tops like triangle tops, halters, bandeaus, and more to find the combo you love the most. However, if the pool is outside, be sure to bring some sun protection along with sunglasses, your plus-size swim shorts, and any extra rash guards. These items will help you feel protected, just like you would be at the beach.

Keep in mind that the pool has more “splash” hazards, so you may want to think about storing your more sensitive items, like smartphones or car keys, in waterproof gear. Even a simple zip-seal plastic bag can provide substantial protection against the occasional cannonball dive by the pool.

Swimsuits for Any Aquatic Adventure

The great thing about plus-size swimwear is that there are so many ways to wear them and so many styles to choose from. For instance, your plus-size tankini can do double duty as a tank top on a regular day and make it easy to transition from land to water. It also comes with cups at the bust, so you can go sans brassiere but still have all the benefits of chest support.

A plus-size swim dress offers enough coverage to help you feel modest and beautiful at a family gathering, pool party, or when you’re laying out at the beach to get some “me time.” When you need to feel extra frilly, this style will capture your whimsical mood.

If you prefer extra shaping to smooth out your silhouette, then tummy control swimwear can give you that boost you need to feel just right and ready for anything planned this summer. It’s made out of firm fabric that enhances the best of you and creates a beautiful silhouette that looks good in anything from swim shorts to your cover-up kaftan.

A variety of plus-size swimsuits in your wardrobe can help you feel confident, protected, and beautiful no matter where you enjoy the water. You never know what style will be your next favorite suit of the season!


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