Stylish Women's Plus Size Raincoats for Spring

Stylish Women's Plus Size Raincoats for Spring

With spring comes the promise of abundant sunshine, blue skies, green grass, colorful flowers … and, yep, scattered showers. The rainy season, however, doesn’t have to dampen your love of fashion. It’s actually just a great excuse to go shopping for a new women’s plus size raincoat! There are dozens of stylish options available, all of which prioritize your comfort without sacrificing even a hint of flair.

But what’s the right choice? If you’re seeking a plus size jacket that will keep you comfortable while you’re dealing with drizzle, a heavy downpour, sudden gusts of wind, or general unpleasantness, here are a few suggestions that you’ll love adding to your wardrobe just in time for spring.

Try a Long Length

If you’re the type who’s always a bit chilly, then you’ll appreciate wearing a coat that offers a bit of extra coverage. Longer-length jackets aren’t just for winter! They also make perfect options for spring wear, especially during the earliest days of the season when the weather isn’t quite warm enough yet. A longer jacket designed to repel rain with a waterproof shell and light insulation can keep you cozy when it matters the most.

More importantly, from a style perspective, long jackets present infinite wardrobe possibilities! You can wear a longer structure with something sleeker and more fitted on top to create an attractive, balanced look. Skinny jeans and a pair of waterproof booties are always great for a crisp spring day, and they’ll look great topped with your lengthy jacket.

Try a Classic Trench

There’s no way you can go wrong with the classic trench coat. It’s a women’s wardrobe staple that dates back decades. It’s crisp, flawless, and elegant — and it also happens to look great with just about everything in your closet. Wear it over a tailored plus size dress and a pair of pumps when you can’t get out of going to that work meeting.

Trench coats also slightly dress up your casual looks, making them a great choice if you’re planning to head out in jeans and a basic tunic. Tie on a trench coat and slip into a pair of knee-high boots for a look that’s not only stylish but also practical for rainy weather.

Try a Reversible Jacket

If you live in a perpetually cold climate, then you’re probably used to dressing for the chill even during spring and summer. Sure, it might not be freezing during those seasons, but colder temperatures in the rain present surprisingly brisk conditions that can affect your comfort.

A reversible women's plus size raincoat makes a great choice for a few reasons. For starters, it provides you with options when you’re not quite sure what to wear when you head outside! Features like insulation, hoods, and zippered pockets will keep both you and your belongings safe. On an especially rainy day, you can wear your reversible jacket over a plus size turtleneck to stay as warm as possible. Otherwise, just throw it on over a basic T-shirt and head out. You’ll be ready to brave anything the day brings in style and comfort!

Try a Lightweight Topper

By contrast, if you live in an area that starts to feel downright steamy at the turn of the season, you probably aren’t thinking of anything more than women’s plus size shorts and swimsuits. But you’ll need to add a comfortable coat to your repertoire if you want to ward off the sudden chill in the air that usually accompanies a little bit of rain, especially early in the season.

What’s the best way to handle this? Opt for a lighter weight plus size raincoat instead. Many styles are designed with your convenience in mind. That means it might pack into its own pocket, for example, or feature zipper closures on the pockets so that your keys, wallet, and phone stay dry when you aren’t in the mood to carry a hefty handbag. Want to make those rainy days a little more tolerable? Choose a bright color to complement the season or contrast the weather! There’s nothing like a bright pop of blue or a hint of sunny yellow to shake things up. Don’t forget to add a pair of protective rain boots to pull it all together.

Make Comfort Your Goal

Sure, style matters, but the good news is that contemporary plus size rain jackets are all about fashion and function. That means you can look incredible, feel incredible, and stay protected from precipitation all at once. That’s key when you’re navigating a crowded sidewalk on a busy morning or making your way into the grocery store when the rain suddenly starts to fall. The right coat won’t restrict your movements; a little bit looser is always better since it will provide you with some extra wiggle room in case you want to wear something thicker underneath. Finally, have fun with your look! Spring is a great time to experiment with colors and patterns, even on those unexpectedly rainy days.


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