Best Plus Size Jeans for Spring

Best Plus Size Jeans for Spring

Spring is finally on the horizon, and it’s time to try out all those gorgeous denim styles that will make every spring outfit ultra-stylish. Practical, pretty, durable, and ready to take on whatever spring can dish out, there are tons of denim pieces that are perfectly matched with spring’s breezy, care-free vibe.

White Denim All Day

Winter whites can work, but white denim really takes the season by storm when the warmer temperatures hit. It has a fresh, fun, crisp look that is well-suited to spring. Because white denim is durable, you don’t have to worry about babying this fabric like you might some other types of white fabrics. From the ice cream shop to the nature trails, white denim can take it. Look for white denim in plus size jeans, in cropped denim pants, and in plus size capri pants to pair with all types of seasonal tops. A white denim jacket can also look cool and fresh with tees, tanks, and plus size blouses. White denim also works well for lots of women because lighter jeans can create balance. Just pair it with a top that works best for your body type.

Dark and Dressy

On the opposite end of the spectrum, don’t say goodbye to those dark-wash denim jeans just yet. These are always flattering, plus they are perfect for pairing with cute spring tops for date night or casual Fridays at the office, so keep them around. Try new looks, like pairing your favorite dark denim jeans with new embellished sandals, or a tank top and a light crochet sweater for a breezy yet sophisticated vibe. These also look awesome with classic cotton tees and short-sleeved button-up tops for spring.

Creative Colors

Beyond your classic whites and dark washes, women can have lots of fun trying out creative colored denim looks this spring. These have a fun feel that works especially well with casual wear, though they can work for the office or more dressy occasions when paired with the right top. From pink and coral shades to pretty turquoise, there are lots of colors to choose from in spring denim.

Ankle-Length Denim Pants With High Waists

Hello, cute and classy style! The flattering high-waisted design and streamlined look of denim done in this type of spring-ready ankle length design make it worthy enough to put in women's closets. These look lovely with light sweaters, tanks, or tees with cotton plus size cardigan sweaters, tucked in tops and blouses, and short-sleeved tops in trendy designs (think keyhole cut-outs, cold-shoulders, and ties at the waist or shoulders).

Plus Size Pull-On Skinny Jeans

If you’re looking for a comfortable look of your favorite leggings but with a bit more polish, look no further than a pair of incredible pull-on skinny jeans this season. Designed with both comfort and style in mind, these versatile jeans come in a variety of colors to help make putting together spring outfits easy. Pair them with women’s plus size polo shirts, short-sleeved tunics, scoop neck tanks, button-up tops, floaty blouses, and much more.

Flattering Mid-Rise Denim

When you want to look and feel your best, creating an outfit that puts your best face forward is a must. Most styles are designed to flatter without causing discomfort, so women can have the best of both worlds in looking and feeling their best. Look for elastic-waist designs if you are in the market for something even more comfortable with this type of denim.

Classy Straight Leg Denim Styles

Another style of denim jeans that women want to add to their wardrobes this spring is the classy, straight-leg look. This is flattering because it creates a long line from the top of the jeans to its hemline. Timeless and modern all at once, these come in designs that may have subtle differences.

Wide-Leg Denim Styles

There’s something spring-like and ultra-sophisticated about a pair of wide-leg denim jeans, so don’t let this look pass you by! This great look works well paired with fitted tops to create balance, or you can simply tuck in your top for a sleeker silhouette. White or cream colors are especially on-trend for spring.

Plus Size Denim Styles That Look Sensational for Spring

There are so many denim styles to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Be ready to show off those spring outfits with great denim picks that have all the right features for the season. From cool colors to classy looks and stylish features, spring’s denim looks are just the thing for plus size ladies to add to their closets.


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