Best Plus-Size Cover-Ups to Rock This Summer

Best Plus-Size Cover-Ups to Rock This Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year, and lazy days by the pool and sea make the season even better. While you enjoy comfort foods like hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, the hours pass by as you shoot the breeze with friends and family. When you want to make the most of a day that might include aquatic activities, tuck a coverup in your beach bag just in case.

You never know where the day will lead you, and it’s always good to be prepared for anything. A plus-size coverup makes it easy to transition from the beach to the pizzeria without the need to go home and choose a new outfit. Swimsuit cover-ups are also made to dry quickly so that you feel cozy throughout the day. With so many styles to choose from, which is the best for you? Here are the best plus size cover ups to rock this summer.

Cotton Jersey Cover-Up Dresses

Is it a dress or is it something more? When you wear a cotton jersey cover-up dress, you can leave the pool in a snap and be on to your next destination. It also looks just like a casual dress you could wear alone to a party with no one ever thinking that it’s a swim cover-up. Jersey cotton is light, airy, and dries quickly in the wind and sun.

All you need is a pair of sandals or flats and you have an instant summer outfit that can take you anywhere. There are many styles of jersey dresses to choose from with flattering neckline details. Whether you go for sleeveless, kaftan, or cap sleeves, you will look both elegant and stylish. Whenever you need an extra touch of modesty after being in the water, this kind of cover-up is a great item to have on hand.

For Extra Sun Protection

If you need extra protection against UVA and UVB rays beyond sunscreen, then a coverup made with specialized UV-protective fabric will help. Made with nylon and spandex, this unique fabric blend can protect your shoulders and back from the sun even when you forget to put on sunblock. This kind of coverup can come in the form of a rash guard or long-sleeved swim dress made out of protective materials. The stretchy nature of this fabric makes these coverups oh-so comfortable and easy to wear. It also looks great when you’re not at the pool, as it can be worn as a regular day dress for errands, meetings, and more! If you’re the kind of person who tends to spend hours by the water, this is a highly useful piece to keep in your beach bag to protect you from long-term sun exposure.

Shirt Dresses

Ready for work or play, long shirt dress cover-ups are the epitome of versatile beachwear. Toss it over a plus size swimsuit when you desire extra modesty and a bit of sun protection. Leave it unbuttoned or wear it fully fastened for a slightly sheer dress that shows a hint of your swimsuit through the fabric. On the days when you need a quick outfit, throw this over a pair of jeggings and a tank top for a cute spring or summer look. Grab a cute pair of high heels or flats and you’ll be out of the door in a snap looking your best! The full-button front of these types of cover-ups allows a lot of styling options. Leave it fully open to show off your tank top underneath or button it just partially for a relaxed and casual look. These also look great with leggings for the days you desire total comfort and relaxation.

Cardigans for the Beach and Beyond

For additional versatility, cover-up cardigans can do double duty on both land and sea. These specialty cardigans are often made with SPF protection materials that guard your shoulders and back against extended sun exposure. A short cardigan can be all you need if you’re wearing a plus size swim dress or shorts, while a longer cardigan can act like a robe to wrap around your body for additional modesty. For the best styling range, pick a few cardigans that match your different swimsuits. These are also excellent to throw on at work or at a restaurant where the air conditioner can make you feel a little chilly.

Keeping a plus-size cover-up in your beach bag expands your social horizons and can enrich your daily wardrobe. Which ones do you want to make yours?


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