Best Plus-Size Cotton Dresses for Summer

Best Plus-Size Cotton Dresses for Summer

Summer is here, and things are heating up! Since pants are out, plus-size dresses come up as a natural replacement. The skirt allows for airflow, different styles give you freedom of movement, and dresses always have an elegant feel. Plus, with cotton being a light summer fabric, who wouldn't want to wear a cotton summer dress? Now, since not all dresses are created equal, we have to find the ones that work for us. All good fashion brings balance to the proportions of their wearers. Some pieces emphasize certain things and deemphasize others. What looks good on you depends on what needs to be brought into proportional harmony. Finding that sweet spot combination gives you a fabulous dress that will make you feel like a million bucks this summer.

Fit-and-Flare Floral Dress

We have tons of love for summer florals! These dresses match the flower and sun of summer with a gorgeous cut that makes everyone look good. The fit-and-flare dress style nips in at the waist and "flares" out with an a-line skirt, giving the wearer a symmetrical hourglass silhouette. Skirts can be knee-length or closer to midi length. Another fun way to spice up this dress is to look for a dress with a layered, jagged skirt if it doesn't make you feel too warm. Lighter fabrics are better for summer, but they also need to be a bit stiffer so that the triangular shape of the skirt doesn't collapse. Luckily, cotton is a great material for accomplishing this! Lighter colors like whites, pinks, and light blues not only work well as bases for warm floral patterns, but they also don't absorb as much heat as darker colors, making this a great summer choice.

Empire Waist Maxi Dresses

These look phenomenal on women with oval, rectangle, or triangle body types. The length of the dress visually lengthens your body, while the empire waist cut draws the eye to the upper body and makes it look like your legs are starting up higher than they actually are. Both features offset your width, bringing balance to your shape. Since these dresses are long, you have more freedom when it comes to your choice of patterns. Vertical stripes, in particular, contribute to the lengthening effect of the long skirt. There are also great maxi dresses with a solid color on the torso part of the empire, which focuses the eye above the waist, and a striped or floral pattern on the skirt, which provides a delightful contrast.

V-Neck and V-Back

This dress has loose, bohemian sleeves, an empire waist, and a short skirt with diving "V" shapes in both the front and the back. Sometimes the "V" is cut; sometimes, the dress is wrapped that way and then sewn in place. If you have big shoulders with a body type in the style of an inverted triangle, these dresses might be just what you were looking for. The "V" shape neckline is wonderful for visually lengthening while showing off the assets of a full figure. The loose sleeves work with the neckline to minimize the shoulders and arms while keeping you cool. The skirt starts high, again giving that long-leg impression, but is still loose enough to drape comfortably over areas beneath the bust. These dresses come in solid colors and look well in slimming darks, but if you are a pattern type of girl, these can also be found in many different designs, floral and otherwise. If you want an all-over pattern make sure the busier it is, the more delicate the design; the simpler it is, the more dramatic the lines. This will draw the eye away from what you don't want without looking bulky or overwhelming.

Color Fun

We know that dark colors conceal while lighter colors draw the eye. If you feel relegated to darker colors for confidence's sake, even in summer (or you can't find what you are looking for in any good colors), try adding color to your style in different ways. A pair of bright blue heels recalls the summer sky and draws attention to your cute feet and recent pedicure. A loudly patterned beach bag works similarly. You can even add color and pop with your jewelry. If your jewelry is bold and interesting, of course, you'll want to choose a simple outfit to showcase it. How else can your statement bib necklace take the spotlight as it should? If you weren't wearing something subtle, your sparkly dangly earrings wouldn't have as much of an impact. You can find unique ways to express yourself in any situation. For more ideas, check out Monroe and Main.

With summer on its way, that vacation mindset of relaxation and freedom to have fun should come too! Dresses are playful, classic outfits that can help you get into this mindset and prepare you to thoroughly enjoy the season.


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