The Best Plus-Size Bathing Suits for Your Family Vacation

The Best Plus-Size Bathing Suits for Your Family Vacation

Going on a vacation is an exciting prospect, and when you get to bond with your family, it is especially exciting! If your vacation involves water activities, you want to be sure to pack family-friendly swimwear that will keep you feeling comfortable, pretty, and active. We’ve found all the styles you can trust for busy days on the beach. When you need a secure fit because your plans involve crouching over sandcastles or catching the waves, these swimsuits can meet your needs. Approach the water confidently and have a blast with your family with a swimsuit that feels and looks great. Here are the best plus size bathing suits for your family vacation.

Swim Dresses

If your plans involve a place that has a lot of rapid transitions from the pool to the cafe or hotel room, then a swimsuit that does double-duty without a coverup is your best bet for maximum mobility. A plus-size swim dress has enough coverage for hours at the waterpark and your impromptu trip to the ice cream shop afterward, no cover-up needed! These aren’t just convenient because their modesty allows you to switch scenes in a snap, but they are also incredibly flattering and cute. When you start looking at the styles offered, you’ll find everything from the dependable solid black swim dress to gorgeous halter swim dresses with floral prints. If your vacation calls for many days at the water, grab a few so that you always have a dry swimsuit ready for your next adventure.

Swim Shorts and Tankini Tops

If your family trip involves a lot of activities and transitions, you need swim separates that will stay put and offer some extra coverage. When a day by the lake can suddenly become a hike because your toddler has run off to explore, you’ll be ready for the change of plans when you’re wearing a pair of plus size swim shorts and a secure tankini top. Make sure that your tankini has secure straps or comes with optional attachable ones. This enables you to bend over, swim, and hike without needing to fuss with the fit. It’s also useful to tuck away a pair of swim shoes in your bag if your aquatic location contains a lot of rocks or side trails that can cause injury to bare feet. And the best part about this combo is that you don’t even need to bring a coverup if you suddenly decide to go to the park or food truck after swimming! This swimwear combination easily passes as a regular summer outfit.

Two-Piece Bathing Suits

Gear up for your family trip by making room for fashion too. While functionality is part of the equation, you may crave more options than a one-piece or modest swimwear. This is why you should also pack a few plus size 2-piece swimsuits to keep your rotation fresh and fun. There will be times when a cute two-piece is exactly what the setting calls for, such as the hot tub or when you peel away from the group to sunbathe for the afternoon. Bikini tops and swim bottoms are available in all levels of coverage to allow a broad styling range to suit your needs and preferences. For the best results, pick a few key solid colored separates that can match with the prints that you already have. This can stretch your swimsuit styling options and give your wardrobe a quick refresh.

Swim Skirts and Coverups

If you need the modesty of regular street clothing but you don’t want to wear a swim dress or one-piece, a swim skirt can prove highly useful. Wear any of your favorite swim tops with this bottom while you enjoy the water for a flirty and fun style. When you’re ready to move on to other things, all you’ll need is a simple coverup cardigan or button-down shirt to convert your swimwear into an outfit that’s ready for the restaurant, cafe, or shopping center. Family can keep you on the move, so being versatile in this way will keep your styling options open while still making it possible to show off your favorite bikini tops.

When you pack plus size swimsuits that are versatile and fashionable with a great fit, you can be prepared for any of the adventures in store during your family vacation.


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