Where Are the Best Places to Wear a Mock Turtleneck?

Where Are the Best Places to Wear Your Mock Turtleneck?

Although they were first worn in the 19th century by working-class men for warmth and protection from the elements, turtlenecks have since earned their place in women's closets around the world. At times, turtlenecks have even been seen as a sign of rebellion, as they were worn by people who said, "I'll be an upstanding member of society, but I'm not going to conform to your buttoned-up rules." This fashion staple eventually evolved to include the women's mock turtleneck, which became associated with beautiful, active and independent women. The mock turtleneck has a shorter neck and can be worn at any time of year. But where would you wear one? Here are some of the best places to wear a mock turtleneck.

To a Concert

Concerts can get a little warm, especially if you're standing up the entire time or dancing (or if you opt for the mosh pit). While a traditional turtleneck wouldn't be your top wardrobe choice, a sleeveless mock under a button-down flannel shirt is perfect concert attire (unless your idea of a "concert" involves an orchestra). Paired with some skinny jeans and boots or sneakers, you'll effortlessly be in style. Just tie the flannel around your waist when you get too warm.

To a Play or an Indie Film

Honor the Beatniks of the '50s and '60s with a black mock turtleneck the next time you head out to a play or an independent film. As Audrey Hepburn once said, "The pullover with a high collared neck has a powerful allure that communicates, ‘I'm different.'" The fashionable turtleneck and mock turtleneck have long been associated with philosophers and artists, who may or may not have actually had a clue what they were talking about but at least played the part well.

On a Hot Date

Yes, "hot date" and "turtleneck" can be used in the same sentence. This is again a situation where a sleeveless mock turtleneck works great, as you can show off those toned arms you work so hard for at the gym. The look is stylish on its own as it implies a sense of modesty but in a glamorous way. Wear it with a long necklace and/or some shiny bangles. As far as what to wear for bottoms, skinny jeans tucked into boots or paired with heels work well. But a pencil skirt or mini skirt that hits above the knee and some ankle booties can take it up a notch. Consider a corduroy skirt or something of a different material than the mock turtleneck for a great contrast.


As mentioned before, the turtleneck implies a sense of independence and confidence. Plus, it is more comfortable than a traditional button-down shirt that has to be tucked in with a belt. That's why a mock turtleneck is a great choice for the office. It doesn't have to be traditional cotton either. For example, cashmere is the crème de la crème of wintertime fabrics, and a women's cashmere turtleneck can be a super comfortable choice in wintertime, whether mock or traditional. Yet a mock cashmere turtleneck can be worn during spring and fall temps as well. As far as whether you wear pants or a skirt with it, the choice is yours. You really can't go wrong. You can even wear it under a maxi dress, which you probably wouldn't otherwise be able to wear in the office without something covering it up.

Out With the Girls

When girls' night comes around, it's easy to overthink what you're going to wear. Although it's never a competition (right?), you don't want to feel out of place when everyone else seems more dressed up or dressed down than you. A mock turtleneck lies somewhere in the middle, striking that perfect balance between dressed up and dressed down. Start with the turtleneck and then style the rest of your look around what you're doing that night. Dinner and drinks? A pair of jeggings and some ankle boots work well, along with a fun necklace or earrings (or both). A girls' night in, gossiping over cocktails? Pair it with some of your favorite leggings and bring along some comfy slippers for good measure.

On an Airplane

Airplanes aren't an ideal setting for comfort. And the temperature tends to be either too hot or too cold. Wearing something that keeps you somewhere in the middle is ideal and a mock turtleneck can do the trick. And as an added bonus, unless it is made of something like rayon or silk, it is highly unlikely to wrinkle after sitting in your seat for hours.

As you can probably see, you can wear a mock turtleneck almost anywhere and with any type of bottoms, whether leggings, skirts, jeans or dress pants. Just remember your accessories and your confidence, and you'll look great no matter what.


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