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10 Best Places to Vacation this Winter.

Are you looking to get out of town to break away from the subzero temps? Or do you want to embrace what winter brings? Affordable winter vacations are the perfect antidote to keep the whole family from going stir crazy for the long winter breaks.

While each year you try to do something special you often feel torn: should we go to a warm place or a cold place this time around?

We’ve got two lists for both those questions. Here are 10 places you and the family can vacation this winter.

5 warm places to visit.

  1. MAJOR Florida Theme Park. It’s the American pilgrimage that looms over all our heads until we actually get to doing it. Bring along a lighter coat or raincoat, and you should be set to go up against the weather.

  2. Southern California. Whether you’re going to San Diego, Los Angeles, or want to get a glimpse at winter at a beach, Southern California has a bit of it all. You might even get a chance to head to Anaheim for another famous park – Disneyland. Don’t worry too much about the weather out there, but the winters do bring about some much-needed rain. Get all your ducks in a row with rain jackets for you and the kids and you can enjoy mild temperatures in flannel shirts or sweaters.

  3. The Southwest. It’s known for its Wild West history, and if you’ve never been there, you’ll realize how strange cactuses really are. (That’s right, they’re everywhere!) Driving to the Grand Canyon can be a weeklong adventure if you want it to be. Check out Santa Fe or Albuquerque. Phoenix has much to see too. This is the best time to go because you won’t get stuck under the hottest desert sun this time of year. You might even get to see an outlaw and cowboy dueling in a ghost town.

  4. Cancun. If you have everybody’s passports in order and you want your winter trip to be a bit more exotic, head to Cancun. Expect 8O degree weather and no memory of the blizzard that just ran through your hometown. Enjoy sitting on the beach or sipping vacation drinks near the poolside. You’ll relax feeling like you truly got away.

  5. Hawaii. Unless you plan on getting to the top of a mountain, you won’t see a snowplow here. Hawaii is the reset button you’ve been looking for. There’s plenty to do, your kids won’t be bored, and if there’s any precipitation it’s the kind you’d get if you too lived in a rainforest. That being said, you’ll want to bring the proper rain gear.

5 snowy places to visit.

When you’re up against the cold, you want to make sure you and your squad are safe and sound…and especially warm. Fleece sweaters and packable jackets are essential for trips to the colder weather.

  1. Breckenridge or Vail, Colorado. The moment you can ski in the Rockies is also the moment you never want to ski anywhere else. Make sure you can go on as many runs as possible by staying warm with a down jacket. They’re lightweight and when you walk around you won’t feel like Randy in A Christmas Story. Sitting back and relaxing in the lodge will be an experience of its own, and later you can walk around the mountain towns in search of soul-warming food and wares.

  2. Quebec City, Quebec. This winter dreamland has plenty to offer, especially if you have three layers of winter resistance: thermals, a fleece pullover, and a winter coat should do the trick. You could also wear a red hat like Bonhomme…who’s Bonhomme? Head to Quebec City in February to get a glimpse of the Quebec Winter Festival and you’ll see why the Quebecois and their winter mascot, Bonhomme, love to celebrate life. In essence, he’s everybody’s favorite creepy snowman. If you know a little bit of French, you’ll be able to test it on cashiers and waitstaff. If you don’t know French that’s okay too. Quebec City is bilingual. Some extra activities include maple syrup tasting and architecture tours.

  3. Boyne Mountain Resort, Michigan. This place has it all: skiing and snowboarding AND a massive indoor waterpark. It’s perfect for the family who can’t all agree on the cold. Mom can hit the slopes. Dad can hang out in the waterpark. Vice versa. It’ll be the best trip you make North. Where else can you go from pajamas to snow pants to a swimsuit in a day? Unless you’re trying on clothes at Lands’ End, it’s probably this place.

  4. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When it comes to skiing, Jackson Hole is a wonderland. There are family deals to get you to one of the best skiing spots in the whole country. It sits on the edge of Wyoming, close to Montana, among the sublime Teton Range. Again, you’ll be among the Rockies and there’s a slight chance that you’ll start calling your local mountains “hills.”

  5. Seattle, Washington. While not quite as wintry as the other options on this list, it’s the more temperate choice. Seattle is known for its rain, but with that comes a good amount of coffee shops that will warm you right back up. And if you want to get out and check how great your rain coat really is, you can go for a walk through the city.

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