4 Best Petite Swimsuits to Wear This Summer

4 Best Petite Swimsuits to Wear This Summer

Confidence. Comfort. Support. The perfect swimsuit can do a lot for a person. But finding the ideal swimsuit can be tricky, especially if you are looking for a petite size. (Important fact: While most people assume “petite” means small, with respect to fashion and clothing, “petite” refers to height, typically under 5'4". Hence, petite women can range in size from XXS to XL and plus sizes.)

If you’re looking for advice on what swimsuits to buy this summer, read on to discover some of our favorite petite swimsuits. There’s one for almost every body type. Read on to discover some of the most stylish options for a petite swimsuit that will make you look great and feel confident.

A Bold Tankini

If you want to wear a two-piece swimsuit but aren’t quite ready for the revealing nature of a bikini, a tankini swimsuit is a great option. No matter your size or body shape—pear, apple, athletic, or hourglass—you should be able to find an adorable tankini that works well for your figure.

From high-neck styles for modest coverage and extra sun protection to blouson tops for hiding a tummy to underwire tops for extra support, and from high-waist briefs to rash guard bikini bottoms, there’s a tankini combo for every body type. Tankinis give you the ease of a bikini while still providing a lot of coverage for the areas you might not want to show off. Tankinis are fun, easy, and cute. We all love that, right?

A Wrap-Top One-Piece

Want to accentuate your curves? A wrap-top one-piece women's bathing suit is a terrific choice for petite swimwear because a wrap top can help create curves. In addition, it will divert attention upward, away from shorter legs or a shorter torso. For fashion lovers, a wrap top offers a little more flair and fabulousness than your traditional scoop neck or V-neck top.

Wrap tops are super feminine and work on most body types, and they can be found with different strap styles: thin, thick, or halter. It’s also fairly easy to find a wrap-top suit that will work for any cup size. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off your assets. One more note: When you’re looking for a great one-piece swimsuit, also look for a style that elongates your legs—a plus for most petite women.

A Fun Bikini

Don’t be nervous about rocking a bikini. You got this, girl! Years ago, there weren’t many bikinis on the market designed for petite heights, so the proportions were often not quite right for someone shorter than 5'4". Nowadays, there are plenty of bikinis that have been created specifically for someone petite.

High-waisted bikini bottoms work best on a petite woman with a long torso and short legs. If you happen to be a petite woman with a short torso and long legs, you might want to stick with a normal bikini bottom to make your torso seem longer. Next, choose the top that you feel most comfortable with—underwire, wrap, halter, V-neck, or high neck. Depending on your bust size, tops that offer minimum coverage, like cropped or triangle tops, can be flattering on petite women.

A Colorful Swim Dress

If bikinis aren’t your thing, a swim dress with tummy control is one of our most favorite creations ever. It’s coverage plus cuteness in one magical piece of clothing, and you won’t have to show off any body parts you aren’t comfortable with displaying.

A typical swim dress includes a “dress” layer over a body-shaping one-piece, so you’ll have layers of support. Nice, right? Swim dresses also come in loads of fun colors and designs, so there is something for all personal styles. Swim dresses are far more forgiving than other women’s suits while still allowing the wearer to swim, sunbathe, or hang out on the beach with friends and family.

Let's Dive In!

In 2021, the options for swimsuits are endless, and they come with extras that we now take for granted. There are swimsuits that provide UPF 50 protection, swimsuits that are chlorine-resistant, and others that are made with high-tech spandex that will last 10 times longer than your average suit. With so many fabulous options available, every woman—petites included—will be able to find the suit of their dreams this summer. Grab some sunscreen, a hat, and a towel, then let's dive in!


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