Must-Have Pants for Your Favorite Hikes

Must-Have Pants for Your Favorite Hikes

When you’re hiking through the great outdoors, whether it’s on a flat beginner trail or a rugged advanced one, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing pants that suit your style, comfort, and functionality. Get ideas for fun pants that you can feel great about wearing, and get ready for the fun and relaxation of your next hiking trip with these pants.

Casual Pants

For hiking, you need to dress the part, and you’re not going to want to wear the same kinds of pants you’d wear to the office—even if that office is working from home. You’ll want to wear casual everyday active pants. Ultra-comfy pants made mainly of polyester with some spandex are the way to go since wearing cotton can be too thick and weigh you down when you’re trying to be active. You can even look for pants made with UPF protection and opt for at least UPF 50. The best part is that even when you’re not hiking, casual pants that are fade-resistant are nice enough to lounge around with at home for your daily commutes from the kitchen to the living room and back again.

Elastic Waist

Since most hiking pants have an elastic waistband, try a sport knit high-rise elastic-waist pull-on. They’re like sweats—only better. If you really prefer that cotton feel as opposed to spandex or polyester, then make sure you go for ultra-soft all-cotton fabric. A full-elastic waist should give you room to breathe, wiggle, and climb mountains so that it doesn’t pinch into your hips or feel too tight around your waist. The last thing you want to think about when your hiking is if you feel like you can’t breathe.


Are you ready for good news? You don’t have to wear yoga pants to just yoga. Go hiking with active yoga pants. The best kind is one with pockets. Find pull-ons that have front or side pockets. Back pockets can be challenging to reach if you’re hiking with a backpack or fanny pack that gets in the way. If you want to have a pair that keeps functionality with style, then go for one that has just one hidden pocket in the waistband for a sleeker fit. Find a pair that has moisture-wicking stretch fabric and an odor-control finish, so your pants smell fresh even after a day’s hike.


You can have fun with different prints and patterns for your athletic women’s joggers. Blend into the forest during your hike with a deep forest camo pattern. A recycled poly blend allows for a slim fit, ruched waist, and our favorite, the dual slash pockets.

Drawstring Waist

If you’re on a hike during the cooler months, consider fleece pants with a drawstring waist. A functional drawcord gives the most versatility, comfort, and function for your trip outdoors. A relaxed fit will generally be more comfortable for all-day wear, with the drawback being that any extra fabric can feel heavy.


Say goodbye to your old middle school sweatpants. Today’s modern women’s sweatpants are not the traditional boxy sweats. Look for sweatpants designed with a woman in mind: flared at the bottom for a more feminine look. It’s about maximum softness while minimizing shrinkage. Take a look at plus-size sweatpants for breathable and flexible comfort.


From lightweight backpacking trousers to serious mountaineering pants, the right kind of trouser is available for every kind of hiker for any kind of weather. There are plenty of options for comfy pants for women that also do well when hiking. While trousers cover a broad category of pants, there is one type of pants you’ll want to leave behind: blue jeans. Those are about the worst kinds of pants you can wear when hiking. They’re hot, heavy, and can even become dangerous if they get wet and the temperature drops. Hiking pants are meant to be lightweight and quick-drying.


Don’t forget about leggings! It’s everyone’s favorite athleisure choice, but you can also hike in stylish, form-fitting, and athletic leggings. Besides its comfort and chicness, choose leggings that also offer breathability. Breathability is just as, if not even more important than, insulation when hiking in various weather conditions. This means that your pants won’t hold too much moisture when rubbing against your legs. Moisture can be dangerous and cause a chill if the temperature drops during your hike.

Hiking is a treasured outdoor activity and sport for many people. Don’t get caught up in the details. When you’re getting outside, enjoying nature, and spending time by yourself or with loved ones on a hike, you’ll feel confident when hitting the trail with these all-weather hiking pants.

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