Best Outfits to Wear to a Wine Tasting

Best Outfits to Wear to a Wine Tasting

Putting an outfit together for a wine tasting can be just as fun as the wine tasting itself. But if you don’t regularly go to wine tastings or you will be attending one for the first time, you may be stumped on what to wear. Not to worry. There are plenty of perfectly acceptable outfits that are ideal for a day or evening touring vineyards, sipping a crisp glass of white wine, watching the sunset over the lake, and enjoying friendly conversation.

Before delving into outfit ideas, there are two things you want to avoid at all costs: sweatpants and anything white. You’re going to a wine tasting after all, and the chances of you sipping an aromatic shiraz or several other full-bodied reds are quite high. The last thing you want to do is stain your favorite women's white blouse or a pair of white trousers. 

Secondly, you also want to consider the season. Are you going to a winery during spring? Summer? Fall? The season will dictate what you wear, especially if you will be both indoors and outdoors at the wine tasting. So with those things in mind, let’s get on to ideal wine tasting outfits, shall we?

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Flowy Midi Dress

A midi dress, wraparound dress, tall maxi dress, or really any dress for that matter is appropriate for a wine tasting. The right dress can be either casual yet stylish or a little more elegant, depending on the theme of the event. If you are attending a wine tasting during the spring or summer season, a cute floral women's dress or a dress in pastel-like peach or periwinkle will always be in style. If you are attending a wine tasting during the fall, a floral dress can still be appropriate attire; just make sure to pick something with darker hues and more traditional autumn colors like yellow, orange, and brown. 

...Or a Little Black Dress

The classic LBD can be worn both day or night, but it is going to be particularly stunning if you are attending a wine tasting during the evening. Pro tip: if you are attending a daytime wine tasting and want to wear a black dress, take a page out of Angelina Jolie’s iconic style playbook and consider something a bit longer, looser, and flowy like a sleeveless maxi dress or cotton dress. Alternatively, at night, you can go for something slightly more formal and dressy. Depending on the style, cut, and fabric of the little black dress you choose, you can finish off the outfit with a pair of black strappy heels or dressy black sandals.

Don’t Forget Your Footwear

Speaking of heels and sandals, considering your footwear is a must. You will likely be spending lots of time on your feet, so you want to pick footwear that will be both fashionable and comfortable. The last thing you want is to have a delightful leisure activity like wine tasting interrupted by painful shoes that pinch your toes and blister your feet. It is possible to wear stunning heels to a wine tasting, but you should try them on and see how you feel walking around in them for a bit before deciding to wear them to the event. A great footwear choice to consider if you are attending a wine tasting in the spring or summer season is a wedge heel sandal; it’s stylish yet comfortable and will support your feet when standing or walking for extended periods of time. 

Amplify Your Outfit With The Right Accessories

The accessories you wear to a wine tasting matter, not just because crafting a stylish outfit to attend a stylish event is important, but because you need accessories that will also be functional and practical. For example, a wide-brimmed floppy hat is the height of timeless elegance, but it is so much more than that. If the wine tasting is outdoors on a hot summer day, a wide-brimmed hat won’t just complement your outfit; it will protect you from the sun and keep the heat off. Remember that when you are putting together your wine tasting outfit, you want to think about whether or not an accessory will get in the way. Something like bangle bracelets may become a nuisance when you are constantly moving your hands around and sipping wine. If you want to wear something on your wrist, opt for something like a leather strap watch in lieu of big, flashy jewelry.

While the ideas listed above can help you put together a stunning wine-tasting outfit, there’s no need to limit yourself to these suggestions. Shop around until you are happy with the outfit that will best represent your style.


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