Best Outfits To Pair With Boyfriend Jeans

Best Outfits To Pair With Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a versatile style of jeans that can be paired with almost any outfit. These jeans can go from a classy workday look to a night on the town ensemble, it's all about what they're paired with. There are so many cute outfits with boyfriend jeans to choose from, you just can't go wrong.

Boyfriend jeans have a looser fit than most women's jeans, and the way they're cut makes them flattering on any body type and for any height. You can find boyfriend jeans in both baggy and more fitted cuts, with cuffs or without. The thing that stays consistent is that they feel lived in, so there's no need to break them in. They're one of the most comfortable fits of any jean style.

Boyfriend jeans are great to pair with a classic T-shirt for a casual trip downtown for brunch or an afternoon at the park. Still, there are plenty of ways to dress up your boyfriend jeans. Slipping on a pair of heels and throwing a blazer or moto jacket on over your top will instantly transform your boyfriend jeans into New York City-chic. While they may be a newer cut, they're here to stay. Here are some tips to get familiar with as you fall in love with your boyfriend jeans.

The City Look

City looks don't need to be extravagant or eclectic. The latest vibe in the city is simplicity: a basic T-shirt, jeans, and jacket combo are all you need to stand out as a style icon. All it really takes is confidence and some direction. Pair your boyfriend jeans with a solid color top and a denim jacket for a Brooklyn look. Add a pair of chunky sneakers to really seal the deal. Playing with the idea of menswear, wearing a blazer over the same outfit and adding a pair of strappy heels makes it a look built for Los Angeles. A moto jacket instead offers an added edge that will put an extra smile in your step as you imagine yourself walking around Chicago in style.

Another iconic city look is a striped cotton shirt with your boyfriend jeans. Inspired by Parisian fashion, the city-style doesn't get more simple than this look. Just top it off with a camel-colored coat (trench or wool) and a pair of loafers and breeze through your day with ease.

The Casual Chic Style

Whether you're going for cafe-cute or effortless classroom charm, casual chic is a simple one to pull off for anyone. Boyfriend jeans are versatile enough to do whatever you need them to do for you on any given day. The key to casual-chic style is to keep it casual — a tucked-in button-down, cuffed jeans, sneakers, and a bag you love or maybe a bold top, uncuffed jeans, and kitten heels. It's whatever works best for you.

Picture this: You have some free time (what?!) and want to head to the bookstore or cafe down the road. All you need to do is jump into your boyfriend jeans, pull on a silk tank top, and grab your favorite cardigan sweater for women. Finish the look off with your favorite flats and a purse to hold your phone so that your hands are free to do what they need to do.

The Great Outdoor Outfit

Boyfriend jeans are perfect for outdoor activities, because of their relaxed and loose cuts. There's the obvious but beloved choice of flannel shirts and jeans, and for good reason. The high quality of flannel and denim play off one another to make any outfit look strong, sensible, and soft all at the same time. Finish the look off with a pair of boots and take the family out for apple picking this weekend.

Another truly classic Americana look is a women's white blouse with jeans. This one's perfectly paired with boyfriend jeans, as the looser fit of a blouse matches the relaxed feel and gives off effortless energy. We suggest cuffing the jeans to give this outfit a new spark and add whatever shoes fit the occasion. Flats for grilling on the deck, or boots for walking down your favorite trails.

All-Around Winner

The best way to wear boyfriend jeans (or anything, really) is with confidence, so be sure you feel comfortable with the fit and the look. Pay attention to how you feel in the pieces you're putting on. The general rule is to find a balance so that if your jeans are a little looser, pair with a more fitted top. But if you have a loose blouse you really wanted to try with your jeans, then try it on! You won't know until you try it and see how the outfit falls on you. Experimentation is a safe way to play in your closet, so don't hold back.

Need something easy for an all-day adventure? Just pull on a knit pullover sweater and your boyfriend jeans with some cute and comfortable shoes for a winning look every time. We're talking about jeans here, so let's not get too serious. In the end, any top will do. However, if you really want to look sharp, pick up some of these tips to make every boyfriend jeans outfit shine.


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