Best Outfits for Your 2023 Spring Gardening

The 2023 seeds are arriving at your local garden center, reminding you that the growing season is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about putting away the winter mittens and pulling out the gardening gloves. While you may already be dreaming about the taste of freshly picked tomatoes still warm from the sun, or freshly cut bouquets of fragrant and colorful flowers, it’s also time to get dreaming about what you’re going to wear while gardening.

Perfect gardening outfits are comfortable, protective, durable—and cute, and stylish. When planning your spring gardening clothes, consider the weather and gardening circumstances. Springtime gardening can be cold and wet, meaning you’ll want to dress not only for the weather but also for the mud. We’ve selected our favorite best outfits for gardening in spring 2023 that will keep you comfortable, practical, and looking good while you’re getting your garden going.

Gardening Attire Basics

Clothes make all the difference when gardening. Wearing the right clothes to the garden will keep you comfortable so you can stay in the dirt for longer. Choose clothing that allows you to bend, squat, stretch, and move freely and comfortably. Opt for either old clothing or clothing that you’ve reserved specifically for your gardening duties. This is because gardening clothes usually get dirty and can tear and wear down faster. In the spring when the weather is still cooler, it’s always a good idea to wear layers to the garden, especially if you’re starting in the early morning.


There are real reasons that farmers traditionally wear overalls. Overalls are comfortable, practical, and roomy enough that you can bend and stretch with ease. While farmers might not have expected it, overalls have become super-trendy. We love to sing praises for overalls as one of the best garden outfit options around. Gardeners love that overalls are comfortable, durable, and highly functional. They won’t fall down, they won't let bugs and dirt fall into your pants, and they usually come with so many pockets you can keep a lot of your gardening tools close at hand. Wear your overalls with a good pair of women’s duck boots to brave the cold and wet mud.

On cooler days, wear them over women’s long-sleeved tops or a sweatshirt. On warmer days, wear over a cotton T-shirt. Overalls are also compact enough that in more adverse weather, you can easily slip on a jacket or windbreaker on top without feeling too constricted or bulky. At the same time, overalls are still sturdy and durable to last you many years in the garden. Feel free to get down on your knees and get them dirty, because that’s what they’re made for!

Jeans and Flannel

One of the best outfits to wear for springtime gardening is the simple jeans-and-flannel-shirt look. Choose a pair of durable blue jeans that are loose enough to give you room for mobility and tight enough to not fall down while you’re squatting over the garden beds. Spring gardening tasks usually include more heavy-duty work, so be sure you’re comfortable before you get into all that digging and tilling. A good pair of women’s jeans will keep you protected and comfortable while doing your spring gardening chores. Be sure to wear a pair of jeans you’re not attached to, as they will likely get muddy and worn down with use.

Complete your spring gardening look with a flannel shirt to wear with your jeans and work boots. Flannel is great for spring gardening work because it’s warm, durable, practical, and also fashionable. Just like overalls, farmers have been wearing flannel shirts for much longer than these wardrobe staples have been cool. It’s always a safe bet to trust the time-tested wisdom of farmers when it comes to gardening, especially if you get to be stylish too in a cozy flannel shirt.

Windbreakers and Wellies

Springtime isn’t all sunshine and warm breezes. It can also be harsh winds, heavy rains, and squishy mud. While it’s best to not garden on days when the weather truly isn’t in your favor, sometimes it’s manageable to garden in not-ideal weather if you’ve got the right gear on. Wear a good pair of jeans and a sweatshirt with a sturdy windbreaker and a pair of wellies. Wellies, also known as Wellington boots, are the classic British style of rain boots that are perfect for any kind of wet or muddy work. And let’s be honest, if anyone knows anything about rain, it’s the Brits! Wear your knee-high wellies over jeans for a stylish and practical gardening look.

On those wet days, don’t risk catching a cold. Wear a thick sweater under a women’s raincoat to ensure you stay warm and dry for those particularly cool and damp days in the garden. For windy days, opt for a windbreaker instead to help you brace that late-winter wind.

Vests and Long Sleeves

There are many styles of gardening pants designed specifically for the task of gardening. These are sure to keep you relatively warm and dry while doing springtime garden work. Wear your favorite gardening pants with a thick long-sleeved shirt and a women’s winter vest to keep your temperature comfortable while doing outdoor work. A vest is great for spring gardening because it keeps your core warm while still allowing for mobility and breathability in your arms.

An Old Dress or Skirt

Sounds crazy, but for those particularly warm and sunny spring days, pull out your sunhat and a favorite old casual loose dress or skirt to get working in the garden. While not the most practical garden attire, wearing a dress or skirt while working in the garden can feel perfectly fresh and liberating after a long winter.

Get ready for the gardening season this spring by being prepared for the weather and the task at hand with these best gardening outfits for spring 2023.


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