Best Outfits for Outdoor Winter Activities This Year

Best Outfits for Outdoor Winter Activities This Year

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from getting some fresh air. Frigid weather means wearing additional layers, but once the weather takes a dip, there are still activities you can enjoy outside your warm and toasty home. Certain outfits will need additional layers, apparel that’ll let you move with ease, or waterproof finishes if you plan on having some fun on a snowy day. Whether you’re building snowmen with the family or learning how to ski for the first time, follow the tips below for ways to stay comfortable and prepare for outdoor activities during wintertime.

For Cozy Dates through Winter Markets

Put a cute spin on cold-weather ready outfits for outdoor dates. Your town or city may have a winter market or village where you and your significant other can enjoy a beautiful day or night on a date. Start with a chic sweater — a turtleneck, cardigan, or pullover sweater — with cotton or cashmere knit for a snuggly style to wear on dates with your loved one. Pair your sweater with leggings, skinny jeans, or a skirt with tights. The perfect leather booties will lend a stylish touch, and add a jacket or coat depending on the weather that day.

For fancier outdoor dates, sweater dresses will do. Whether it’s a mini, midi, or maxi dress with tights worn underneath, a sweater dress will make your special winter date more elegant. Make sure you choose the right size: plus-size sweater dresses and petite sweater dresses allow you to move freely in a silhouette that perfectly fits you.

For Sledding, Ice Skating & Other Light Activities

If you’ll be doing a little bit more than strolling outdoors, you may want to dress up in apparel that offers function without sacrificing style. Whether you’re spending your afternoon building snowmen, going sledding, or hitting the ice skating rink, dressing in the right winter essentials will allow you to enjoy all those merry times.

For activities outdoors, you’ll be exposed to the elements, so you’ll need extra cozy essentials to keep you warm. Fleece offers all-day comfort as you have fun in the cold weather, such as a fleece jacket or womens fleece vests, especially with a sweater or even a sweatshirt layered underneath. If you want even more warmth, lightweight down coats offer warmth with the bulk, allowing you to move freely without overheating. As for your bottoms, wear something that’ll give you a greater range of movement, like leggings and sweatpants.

For Camping & Hiking When It’s Cold Outside

The cold weather may tempt you to stay indoors wrapped in the embrace of fleece blankets and throws while sipping on hot chocolate. But outdoor enthusiasts and active people still may want to escape the day-to-day by going on a winter adventure.

Fleece clothing is a good option for when you are out and about in the great outdoors. You can also wear a lightweight, insulated vest, jacket, or coat, such as down and down alternatives. Packable jackets will elevate your camping and hiking game in the winter if you need to remove a layer. As for pants, select bottoms that are waterproof and breathable, especially if it’ll be snowy.

When choosing boots for winter camping and hiking, choose a pair that offers great functionality. The right women’s winter boots will offer comfort at every step, easy closures, cushioning, traction, and a waterproof finish. Women’s duck boots offer even more protection against the elements.

For Snowboarding & Skiing

Blow off steam in the wintertime partaking in more energetic activities, like snowboarding and skiing. If you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, wearing the right chilly-weather outfits will allow you to move with ease while keeping warm.

First, start with the top layers. For ultimate comfort, wear a fleece or wool top underneath your outerwear. You’ll own the slopes in a waterproof, insulated ski or snowboard jacket. These breathable jackets usually feature multiple pockets for convenient storage.

As for the bottoms, you should invest in some durable, insulated women’s snow pants  with a windproof and waterproof finish. Many snow pants also feature articulated knees for ease of movement, sealed seams to keep the wet snow at bay, and an elasticized waistband for a comfortable fit. Some even feature overall straps for an adjustable and more secure fit.

Accessories for That Final Touch

Depending on your outdoor activity, the right winter accessories can lend either style or function (or both). Top off your style with a toasty knit winter hat or another head accessory, like a beanie, sherpa bucket hat, trapper hat, fleece headband, or earmuffs. Also, remember to rent a helmet if skiing to protect your head. And while on the slopes, goggles will protect your eyes from snow, wind, and glare.

Cover up your hands in leather, leopard, or fur-trimmed gloves and mittens — make them tech-friendly gloves so that you can snap some cute photos for Instagram. If you will be participating in more active activities, perhaps wear waterproof and insulated gloves or mittens for warmth. Step up your winter weather outfits wearing a scarf or wrap. You have plenty of chic options, like chunky knit scarves, oversized wraps, or fur-trimmed scarves.

You’re now ready for fun times during the winter season. The right winter-ready outfits will let you enjoy ample outdoor activities alone, with loved ones, or with the family.


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