Best Outfits for In-the-Water Beach Games

Best Outfits for In-the-Water Beach Games

Picture it: the perfect beach day with the ocean roaring. Summer is all about making the most of your fun in the sun. Warm days soaking up some rays, afternoons under the shade of an umbrella, and hot, humid nights are even better when your clothes feel as dependable (or spontaneous!) as you are. Whether your family hits the beach, has adventures camping in the wilderness, or chills out to tan by the pool, you’ll want to be ready and comfortable all season long. Here are the best outfits for in-the-water beach games!

For Swimming

The beach and ocean mean sand and surf, so you’ll need an outfit you can be active in while still looking as chic or casual as you feel! For swimming laps or participating in ocean relay races, you’ll need something snug and secure that also allows for comfortable movement. A one-piece swimsuit is the summer staple you can’t do without. It never goes out of style! Whether you’re swimming a casual freestyle at an easy pace or racing for glory at top speeds, a one-piece suit provides the security you’ll need to spend the whole day working on your strokes or splashing around with the family. Whether you’re looking for a boost or the right amount of control, you can find the right one-piece suit for your style, or opt for a fun tankini that keeps you feeling comfortable and cute. The great thing about bathing suits is all the versatility and variety available these days. With all the options out there, you’re sure to find the fun and flattering one-piece suit that will have you swimming in the ocean all day!

For Surfing and Boarding

We’ve all been there: You’re swimming on the beach enjoying the water when suddenly, the ocean deals you a big wave and you wipe out. There’s a moment of panic when you reach down and realize your bikini top has shifted or your slightly too-large swim bottoms are now closer to your ankles. It happens all too often. This summer, prepare yourself for even the toughest waves with a supportive swimsuit that can handle the rough seas. A one-piece suit that fits comfortably and properly will give you the peace of mind that you’re covered from even the biggest waves! Want to take it even further on protection? Add a rash guard to your outfit! Rash guards are great for soaking up the rays and for splashing around in the surf! Feeling a little shy about being so exposed on the beach? No problem! They also offer the added sun-exposure coverage of another layer of protection.

Available in a variety of cuts, styles, and sizes, rash guards are the perfect way to keep your upper body covered! They’re also great for kids and babies—a rash guard will keep that soft skin safe and protected from the sun, sand, and surf! Boogie boarding and surfing are high-movement activities that require you to feel safe and supported in your swimwear. Make sure the fit is snug but supportive to avoid the embarrassment of a water-driven wardrobe malfunction. With the right suit, you’ll have the comfort and freedom to move as much as your beach plans require. Plus, when we feel good, we look good! So go ahead, get in the ocean! Hop on your surfboard or strap on your boogie board, surf’s up!

For Catch, Tag, or Other Running Games

When you’re in the water, you still need the standard support for high-impact motion activities you’d get from a great sports bra or exercise outfit. You’ll still want to get all the flexibility of movement you would with regular activewear plus the peace of mind that you’re safe and snug in the motion of the ocean. For games that require running or a wide range of motion, you might be more comfortable choosing a swimsuit with shorts. Adding swim shorts or board shorts to your beach outfit allows for the maximum amount of comfort with a maximum amount of movement. Board shorts aren’t just for men, boys, or surfers—they’re a great option for everyone who wants to get the most out of their active beach days. Plus, when you end the day in the sand or playing games out of the water, you’ll have more coverage and end up with less sand in those hard-to-reach areas. You’ll stay comfortable and covered for your whole day of fun in the sun.

Hitting the beach is a summer staple that will give your family a lifetime of memories. In-the-water games are no exception. No matter the summer activities you have planned, you can’t go wrong with the right swimsuit outfits for you and the whole family. Stay in the water and stay moving with full-coverage beachwear that will keep you playing along. Soak up the sun and slather on your sunscreen—it’s going to be a beautiful summer and you’ll be right at the center of it.


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