Best Outfits for Fall Camping With Friends

Best Outfits for Fall Camping With Friends

Fall is one of the best and most beautiful seasons for camping and getting outdoors with friends. Not searing hot like summer and not too cold yet, fall can offer the perfect temperatures for camping. If you’re lucky enough to be camping in a part of the country where the leaves show off their colors, then fall is a spectacular time to be enjoying and exploring the great outdoors.

You’ll need to bring certain things when camping, including the right clothes. Here are some of our best outfit ideas for camping in the fall with friends to ensure that your clothing is both functional and fashionable on your adventures.

Flannel Shirt and Leggings

In our opinion, nothing beats a stellar flannel shirt with a good pair of breathable and moisture-wicking leggings. Not only is this outfit undeniably cute and stylish, but it’s also amazingly comfortable and practical. Wear a tank top or cotton T-shirt underneath so you can easily take off the flannel shirt when you’re feeling warm. Alternatively, if it’s cold, you can wear a thermal sweatshirt or turtleneck under your flannel to stay warm. We can assure you that whether you’re going for a hike, sitting by the fire, or crawling into your sleeping bag, this is the outfit you will be living in and not be taking off.


A good pair of thermals is just one of those things that you’ll want to bring along for a fall camping trip. While autumnal weather tends to be the perfect middle, temperatures and weather can fluctuate. Especially when you’re sleeping, thermals could be just what you need to stay snug all night. While thermals alone aren’t exactly an outfit, they make an optimal base layer. Women’s thermals can easily be worn under your hiking pants and activewear tops to help keep you warm and dry. Lightweight and easy to carry, thermals are good to bring along just in case temperatures drop.


Daytime fall temperatures tend to be warm and balmy, whereas nighttime temperatures can often drop significantly. Be sure to check the weather forecast before heading off to ensure you have a sleeping bag with the correct temperature rating to keep you warm. Instead of traditional pajamas, consider wearing layers for sleeping. Wear a t-shirt or tank top under a breathable, long-sleeved shirt under a sweatshirt or sweater on top.

On the bottom, wear a pair of leggings and/or sweatpants, or layer thermals under sweatpants. Layers are key because they will keep you warm at low temperatures while also being easy to peel off if you get too hot. Nothing feels worse for sleeping than a perpetual chill you can’t shake, so definitely don’t skimp on sleeping layers!

Daytime Wear

As soon as the sun begins to rise, you can expect temperatures to go along with it. Depending on where you are camping, fall temperatures can still be sizzling in the daytime, even if they’re cool at night. Wear breathable pants and shirts when camping, so you don’t feel soggy or sweaty regardless of what the weather brings. Long sleeves and long women’s pants are ideal for camping or being outdoors in areas that are notoriously buggy to avoid being an all-you-can-eat buffet for the insects. Some outdoor clothing also offers SPF protection so you can hike and explore without worrying about too much UV exposure.

As we’ve already mentioned, your best option is to wear layers, so you’re prepared for any situation or weather. It’s easy to pull off a long-sleeve top and sit around in your tank top if the temperatures get warm. Similarly, hiking pants that are durable, breathable, and lightweight offers a cool option, especially if you can zip on and off the legs to toggle between shorts and pants as needed. Ultimately, what you wear in the daytime while camping with friends in the fall is going to be determined by the weather, environment, and what activities you have planned. But either way, it’s always best to be prepared.

Weather-Ready Clothing

Always check the weather to be sure you are properly prepared for any camping trip. Especially in the fall, when temperatures can fluctuate, it can be inconvenient or, at worst, dangerous to be ill-prepared for the weather while camping. We always recommend bringing along a packable down vest during fall camping for nighttime temperatures and even for cold sleeping. Easy to wear over or under just about anything, a packable vest is a lightweight, warm, stylish, and practical option for your fall camping trip. We also recommend bringing along a lightweight poncho or raincoat just in case the weather turns wet. It’s not fun being wet on a camping trip! Always choose breathable and moisture-wicking bottoms for optimum comfort and function.

Camping with friends is one of the best ways to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty and brilliance of fall. Make sure you’ve packed the right clothes to ensure that you can enjoy your camping trip to the absolute fullest.

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