Best Outfits for Dining Out in Spring 2023

Best Outfits for Dining Out in Spring 2023

Spring 2023 is going to be a great season for dining out. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor dining, something about the changing weather in the spring season just makes trying a new restaurant or visiting an old standby feel that much more exciting. If you're a foodie who likes to dine upscale or someone who just loves the community aspect of meeting friends for a meal, then you're probably already starting to make some reservations or at least read some menus. Once you have the perfect place picked out and a few appetizer and entrée options in mind, all that's left is selecting the perfect outfit.

Below you'll find a list of the best outfits for dining out this spring. We picked these outfits based on a few considerations, such as comfort (since nothing is worse than trying to enjoy a meal when you're uncomfortable in your clothes), spring trends, and looks based on the dining occasion. We hope these picks leave you just as excited as reading the daily specials at your favorite restaurant.

Dinner Casual

Even if you're planning on having dinner at a more casual restaurant, it's still important to feel confident about what you're wearing. With this in mind, we picked a classic outfit that looks great on everyone and will be both stylish and appropriate for any casual dining experience.

This look starts with women's jeans in either a high- or mid-rise legging style or high-rise straight-leg ankle jeans. If you're looking for maximum comfort, especially around the waist, then opt for the legging jeans because these give more stretch. That said, the high-rise straight-leg ankle jeans will still have some stretch and might feel a bit trendier. Given that it is spring, opt for a lighter color denim in whatever style you choose. Pair your jeans with a button-down collar shirt, such as a classic white Oxford. Complete this outfit with your favorite pair of booties or a fun pair of high-top sneakers in a color like cream or white.

You'll want to keep your accessories simple with this look, so opt for classic gold studs with a simple, delicate necklace. If it's slightly chillier and you're planning on dining out, include a gauzy scarf in a bright color to add some flair.

Dinner Upscale

For a slightly dressier dining experience or a special occasion, base your outfit around a women's dress. Opt for a quarter-length or long sleeve and a below-the-knee cut, like maxi dresses for women, or a shorter cut paired with tights or dressy leggings. To lean into the warmth and vibrancy of spring, this outfit calls for a dress in a fun floral print or multicolor vertical stripes.

Pair your dress with a tan or cream trench coat and a pair of heels, booties, or flats in a complementary color. Because you'll be rocking a vibrant dress, you can keep the jewelry somewhat simple—try a nice pair of drop earrings or a delicate slide necklace. We love this look because while it'll look like you put in a ton of effort, it's actually quite simple and comfortable, which makes it perfect for focusing on what to order for dessert.

Brunch Casual

Meeting friends, making a reservation with family, or going solo to a low-key weekend brunch can feel like a perfect springtime activity, so we've picked out the perfect look for this occasion. This outfit starts with your favorite cropped chinos in a light wash or pastel color, such as butter yellow or soft pink. Pair your cropped pants with a breezy tunic top in a fun style and pattern, such as a cotton long-sleeved split-neck tunic top in a floral print or a short-sleeved top with a square neck.

If you need an extra layer, opt for a denim jacket or an open-front cardigan sweater and complete this look with your cutest sneakers. Keep the accessories very simple here, such as a subtle pair of earrings and a classic-style watch.

Brunch Upscale

If your brunch is at a slightly more upscale restaurant or you're going out for a special occasion, start this look with a breezy midi skirt in a vibrant print. Next, take a nice (and most important, clean!) white or cream tunic or quarter-length sleeve tee that you can comfortably tuck into your skirt. To elevate this look, pair it with heels or strappy sandals if you can do so comfortably; otherwise, opt for low-heel sandals or kitten heels.

You'll want to add accessories like a chunky gold necklace or a pair of nice dangle earrings to this look. If you need an additional layer, opt for a cropped cashmere sweater in a color that complements your skirt.

You can't go wrong in any of these looks when it comes to dining out in spring 2023. We hope you enjoy all the memorable meals and tasty times that this season has in store for you!


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