Best Outfits for an At-Home Dance Party With the Family

Best Outfits for an At-Home Dance Party With the Family

Looking for something fun to do when it’s hard to get out of the house? A little creativity goes a long way. Why not get the whole family moving with some healthy fun like a dance party? All you need are some favorite tunes, the family, and some great comfy clothes to get the party started!

Zany Loungewear

Your stretchy women's yoga pants or leggings look great with an everyday tee, but you can also amp it up a bit for your at-home dance party. The rules for this outfit are easy — start with a pair of comfortable pants from your loungewear collection. Kids and parents alike can choose from sweat pants to leggings. Here’s the fun part — pair your favorite comfortable pants with a crazy top combo. Try a brightly colored T-shirt, a striped or patterned hoodie, or a fun flannel tied at the waist. Any top with a little splash, like a fun color or print, will do the trick! 

Shorts, Skorts, and Tanks Take Center Stage

If you’re ready to really crank up the tunes and get things grooving for your family dance party, chances are you may break out a sweat! A simple short or skort and tank combo is the perfect solution. Stretchy tank or sleeveless tops pair perfectly with comfortable athletic shorts, khaki shorts, or denim shorts for a simple combo that will keep you cool and comfortable while having fun with the family. 

Post-Pool Party Dance Fun

If you’re looking for some afternoon or evening fun after you’ve spent some time in the pool, this dance party look couldn’t be easier. Just throw on a great cover-up over those swimsuits and turn up the tunes. Terry cloth cover ups or shorts, lightweight hoodie coverups, breezy cover-up dresses or sundresses, or even oversized T-shirts all make great options for swim covers that will keep the dancing groove going smooth. 

Family Pajamas Are a Dance Party Winner

Something about a dance party might have you thinking nostalgically of slumber parties when you were a kid, and why not? Family pajamas, whether they are in matching styles or just in everyone’s own personal styles, are a fabulous idea for dance party wear. Not only are they cozy and comfortable, but the kids will also be ready to fall right into bed after they’ve worn themselves out with dancing. Wearing family pajamas also makes for a great photo op so you can share your at-home fun on social media, too. 

Tees and Jeans or Denim Shorts

Throw on your favorite classic, cozy T-shirt with some denim jeans or shorts for another great dance party outfit idea. For a fun twist (this also makes a great photo op) consider coordinating the family’s T-shirts in some way. For example, maybe each person in the family wears a different color top with their jeans for a rainbow effect. Or, channel a ’90s vibe by having each family member don a plain black or plain white tee. Denim jackets — totally optional. 

Show Up as Your Favorite Singer

If you really want to go all in for the family dance party, have each person show up as their favorite singer. Use different clothing pieces you already have in your closet, and add hats, hair accessories, and makeup if desired, to get the perfect look. To add to the fun, don’t tell each other who you’re coming to the at-home party as, and make everyone take a guess. If you want to expand this idea, you could also offer up the option to come as a favorite T.V. show or moving character. 

Get More Use Out of Uniforms

If you or your kids have sports or other uniforms lying around in your closet, a dance party is a great time to pull them out for some creative fun. Kids can head to the living room (or wherever you’ll hold your dance party) wearing a favorite baseball uniform, dance recital costume, hockey jersey, or another uniform. 

Go Posh With Dressy Outfits

If you feel like your family has gotten a little too relaxed and spent all their time in their play clothes, a dance party can be a fun time to turn it around. Encourage everyone to dress in their favorite comfortable but somewhat dressy clothes for a fun party vibe. This might mean a cute skirt and top combo, cute sundress, or fun dressy pant and breezy blouse outfit. Khakis, men's and women's polo shirts, and button tops are all great options as well. Just make sure the outfits aren’t too over-the-top dressy that they won’t be comfortable for dancing. When you’re done with the dance party, sit down for dinner and pretend like you’re going out to eat. Even if the meal is as simple as sandwiches or pizza, setting a nice table and practicing those manners can be helpful for kids and adults alike! 

Remember Those Accessories for a Musically Good Time

The accessories always make the outfit, even for a home dance party. Items like cozy socks, fun caps or hats, funky jewelry, and more can help make the outfits more fun and add to that party atmosphere. Things like jackets and light summer sweaters will come in handy too — even if you start off the party needing another layer, you might need to shed it once the music really gets going.


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