The Best Monogrammed Gifts for Kids

The Best Monogrammed Gifts for Kids

Shopping for kids is so much fun! If you are looking for a way to make the gifts you buy for the kids who are closest to your heart extra special, consider monogramming. Check out some of the best monogrammed gifts for kids below.


Let’s start with a classic. A monogrammed sweater takes a gift they will love to wear and makes it more thoughtful. A boys’ or girls’ sweater with their initials monogrammed on it is an instant upgrade. Crew neck sweaters are a great choice for this. The kids can wear their new sweater by itself, with a white shirt, blouse, or turtleneck underneath it for extra warmth. Make sure to check their current size before ordering—kids can change sizes fast. Also, make sure to shop from a retailer with a great return policy in case you need to exchange it.


From preschool to college, kids have backpacks. When they’re little, it’s amazing how putting their initials or first name on an item makes it extra special to them. As they get older, they appreciate the thought and ease of spotting their backpack in the collection of jackets and backpacks at school or in the mudroom at home.

If you are buying new backpacks for your kids, keep in mind that just like with clothing, there should be a little “room to grow” with a backpack. Check to make sure it will have enough room for all of their current books, electronics, and sports equipment (plus space to stash a hoodie!). Then think about how they are likely to use it in the future. A bit more space or a few more pockets are always nice.

Beach Towels

Monogrammed beach towels are not only more fun, but they are also more practical. The first two rules of beach towels are to make sure to have one when you need it and that you know which one is yours. Beach towels can be a fun gift to monogram with something silly, too. They might prefer to have their first name on a backpack that they take to school or the gym, but beach towels can be monogrammed with their given names, nicknames, or any fun phrase that fits.

This can be a fun family holiday gift, too. Why not get the adults and the kids each their own color and design of beach towel with their monogram on it? A new beach towel is always welcome in winter. This is also an easy gift to get everyone—just choose a color and a design and put their name or nickname on it. Not only are they sure to be a hit, but they are also sure to fit!

Sheets and Towels

Give them the gift of monogrammed bed sheets and kids’ towels. This extra touch will make them feel loved. Monogrammed towels are also easy to identify if they share a bathroom with a sibling or a roommate. Having their initials on their sheets and towels doesn’t just make them special; it also makes them theirs.

If you haven’t checked your supply of flannel sheets, it’s a great idea to make sure that every bed in your house has a set. Slipping into flannel sheets just makes winter cozier. In addition to ensuring you have enough sheets, blankets, and comforters, keep bed pillows and throw pillows in mind. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget that bed pillows can wear out. If you buy new pillows, make a note of the manufacturer’s instructions for care, and follow them. Plump up and rotate pillows whenever you are making a bed, too. This simple action will give you comfier pillows that last longer.


How do you make a new pair of kids’ slippers extra fun? Have them monogrammed. This touch will not only put a smile on their face when they open your gift, but because they are monogrammed, your kids will want to wear them constantly so their feet will be warm all winter. Why not get them a nightwear ensemble? A new pair of flannel pajamas and a new robe to go with their monogrammed slippers would make the perfect holiday gifts.

New slippers for the whole family can be a fun idea, too. Buying themed gifts has several advantages. First of all, it makes shopping easy. Second, it’s a nice way to make gifts “even” for individuals. Third, they make for fun holiday photos. Be sure to check everyone’s current sizes for slippers. When in doubt, round up. You want slippers to be cozy and a bit roomier than another style of footwear.

Have fun making your kids’ gifts extra special with monogramming. They’ll love you for it!


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