Best Modest Long-Sleeve Swimsuits With UPF Protection

Best Modest Long-Sleeve Swimsuits With UPF Protection

When it comes to swimwear, there are so many different styles to choose from that it can sometimes be overwhelming finding one that’s just right for you. In addition, many are designed with such little fabric that it can leave you feeling a bit exposed and susceptible to sun damage. That’s why it’s nice to have a modest swimsuit in your collection, such as those with long-sleeves. But you shouldn’t just settle for any swimsuit brand. Lands’ End partners with the Skin Cancer Foundation to create swimsuits with UPF protection and coverage to help you enjoy your time in and out of the water. If you’re considering a modest long-sleeve swimsuit with UPF protection, check these possibilities out.

A Sporty One-Piece Long-Sleeve Swimsuit

If you haven’t shopped for a new swimsuit in a few years, you may be quite impressed to see the variety of options available these days. They’re getting more and more sophisticated and being offered specifically for a variety of lifestyles. After all, a ruffly little bikini might look good when laying on the beach, but it won’t do you any favors when doing watersports.

You need variety in your swimsuit wardrobe, and a sporty one-piece long-sleeve bathing suit can be great for doing water sports or any activity that has you out in the sun for long periods of time. Since it is a one-piece, it should stay in place without the need to adjust the straps or tug at the hems. Make sure they’re made of a material like LYCRA® Xtra Life spandex so it keeps its shape and lasts long, no matter how much chlorine and sand it is exposed to. Look for UPF 50 protection too.

A Long-Sleeve Rash Guard

A rash guard is essentially a T-shirt that’s meant to get wet, allowing you to splash about without worrying about how long it will take to dry. Having a long-sleeve rash guard in your beach bag provides you with the option to wear it over your swimsuit when you want the extra coverage, while also giving you the flexibility to remove it when you what more mobility in the water or a little sun exposure. If you don’t want to commit to a full day of wearing a long-sleeve swim top, a rash guard is a great alternative.

A Long-Sleeve Tankini

Tankinis are great for when you want that one-piece look but want the versatility of mixing and matching tops and bottoms. In case you were wondering, there is a difference between a long-sleeve tankini top and a long-sleeve rash guard. A long-sleeve rash guard is meant to be worn over your swimsuit, bikini, or tankini. A tankini top, however, can be worn on its own in the water. Essentially, you won’t need a rash guard if you have a long-sleeve tankini top. The tankini material is thicker and might take a little longer to dry, but it will also provide ample coverage and versatility to be worn on its own without having to tote around an extra top or cover-up.

A Long-Sleeve Option for Men

It’s easy for women to assume that men have it easy when it comes to choosing a swimsuit since they only have to worry about finding a pair of swim shorts. But that’s not necessarily the case. The freedom to just wear shorts comes with the necessity to either slather on sunscreen repeatedly or cover-up in a T-shirt to block those strong UV rays. For those reasons, men’s swim shirts and rash guards are ideal. They look like regular tops as well and come in a variety of styles—even hoodies.

Protection for the Kiddos

Don’t forget the kids when considering long-sleeve swimsuits with UPF protection. After all, their skin is more sensitive than that of adults or even teenagers. A long-sleeve swimsuit or toddler rash guard to wear will keep the little ones safe in the sun, especially when they’re splashing around in water that could wash away the sunscreen you worked so hard to apply while they wiggled around impatiently.

Don’t Forget the Extras

A long-sleeve swimsuit or rash guard will certainly help protect your skin while also making your wardrobe selection easier for a day in the sun and sand. But don’t forget to pack a few extras in your beach bag, such as a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, and a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes—an area a lot of people forget about when it comes to sun protection.

With skin cancer being the most common type of cancer in America, it is important to remember to take precautions when having fun in the sun. These long-sleeve swimsuit options with UPF protection will certainly help.


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