Best Spring Date-Night Outfits for Men

The Men’s Guide to Date Night Outfits for Spring

Date nights in the spring months are some of the best date nights of the year. Why? The weather is warmer, the sunset is later, and everyone is seemingly emerging from a long winter hibernation. If you don’t have some spring date nights on the books yet, get your calendar ready and start your planning. Once you have your spring date nights all set, you’ll need some outfit ideas.

Here’s a rundown of the best outfits for spring date nights, whether you’re heading to a concert, a fancy dinner, a beer tasting, or something else entirely.

A Polo Shirt

Men’s polo tops are versatile staples that are just as good for a spring date night as they are for a day spent in the office. For a spring date night, a polo shirt is a no-brainer decision: the top can be worn directly from the office to the date (in case there isn’t enough time to stop at home to change) and is a great option for any casual night out.

When tucked into a pair of men’s khaki pants, polo shirts are a great date-night outfit for a dinner at a buzzy restaurant in town or drinks on an outdoor patio.

When tucked into a pair of men’s jeans, polo shirts are casual enough for an evening date night cheering on your favorite team from the sports bar or an outdoor concert in the park.

A Pair of Dark Jeans

A pair of dark men’s jeans is a great choice for a spring date night. The dark color of the jeans means they’re a little dressier than the lighter jean alternative, which makes them a better fit for a spring date night.

For a date-night look, wear a plaid button-down top tucked into a pair of fitted dark jeans. This outfit is casual, cool, and versatile and is great for a museum date or a date night spent at a brewery or winery. Wear your dark jeans with a blazer and a solid-colored T-shirt for something a little dressier. The look appears effortless but is trendy enough for any spring date night out there.

A Men’s Suit

A go-to men’s suit is a staple in every man’s closet, especially if that man has a fancy date night coming up. If an upcoming date night requires you to get dressed up, you’ll want to make sure you look the part. No one wants to be caught in jeans at a black-tie event!

By wearing your favorite men’s suit, you'll be all set for the evening, whether you’re going to a theater performance, dinner at a white tablecloth restaurant, or a work party with your partner. For footwear, go with classic men’s dress shoes to complete the look.

A White Button-Down Shirt

Crisp white men’s button-down shirts have been a fashion go-to for generations. Ideal for dressier occasions throughout the year, it’s easy to see why a white button-down shirt is a spring date-night staple. The shirt truly goes with anything in your closet, whether you need to dress up for a fancy date night (try it with dress pants, dress shoes, and a skinny tie), or just want to look sharp for a late-night dinner (try it with a pair of khaki pants and boat shoes). Before your date night, be sure to bleach your white button-down so it looks bright white. Next, iron it to make sure all creases are pressed.

Or, For an Outdoorsy Date, Opt for Activewear

If your spring date night involves an outdoor activity like a sunset bike ride or after-work hike, you won’t want to be caught in your finest white button-down shirt. Instead, you’ll want to wear the best-looking items from your collection of men’s workout clothes . When we say best-looking, we mean athletic clothes that aren’t stretched out and don’t have holes. Just because the date itself is casual doesn’t mean your outfit shouldn’t look pulled together.

Wear some fitted workout pants, a casual T-shirt, and your most comfortable pair of athletic shoes. Better yet, buy some new workout clothes for this date night, just the nature of workout clothes likely means they show sweat stains and general wear and tear quickly.

No matter if your upcoming date night is casual or fancy, there’s a surefire outfit that’s ideal for your night out with your partner. Plan your outfit so you can focus on enjoying the night—not worrying about a last-minute shopping trip.


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