Best Men's Coats to Buy to Get You Through the Winter

Best Men's Coats to Buy to Get You Through the Winter

Winter is here, and so too is the time to buy that new coat to get you through the cold weather. Important points to remember when perusing the web for men's winter coats is to look for function, form, and fashion. When trying to keep warm, we want our coats to be functional as well as fitted and fashionable.

Whether you will be spending winter dodging icy temperatures in the city or enjoying the snow in the countryside, there is a winter coat for every man and occasion. Below are some men's coats to get you through this winter feeling snug and stylish.


For daily practicality and versatility of function, the men's winter parka is the way to go for men's winter coats this year. There are many different styles and levels of warmth depending on the parka you choose to best fit your personal needs. Parkas are the ultimate choice for winter protection you'll find. Pick one that is insulated with down, fitted with pockets for your cold-weather accessories, and lined with a faux fur hood to keep your head and neck toasty. Parkas are also a great choice as they sport an extended length for better coverage. A parka is what you want if you are bracing for a harsh winter. It's versatile for many occasions such as walking the city streets, enjoying the breathtaking (literally!) country winter air, or even sprinting in and out of your car to run errands. This coat is a top pick for any man in the market for ultimate winter protection.

Down Jacket

Nothing beats down when it comes to keeping warm. Many different styles of winter coats for men come with insulating quilted down to keep you warm but not weigh you down. For skiing, winter sports, or travel, choose a packable down jacket that's warm, lightweight, and flexible. Don't worry about ending up in a snowbank; these packable down jackets stay warm when wet and dry quickly to regain its signature fluff. Packable jackets are perfect for travel as they fold up right into their own pockets for hassle-free packing.

Another style for a snug down jacket is the puffer jacket. The puffer jacket offers a snug fit with advanced technology for staying insulated. The multiple layers of down and synthetic insulation trap and hold warm air. The nylon shell is durable and water-resistant to keep you dry even when wet. These men's down jackets won't make shoveling the driveway feel quite like summer, but they will get pretty close!

Peacoat and Overcoat

These styles are our picks for keeping you warm and stylish through the winter. Both coats are made of wool, the age-old fabric for surviving even the harshest climate, like winters at sea. The men's peacoat is a nautical classic that has been a vital wardrobe for sailors surviving at sea for centuries. This time-tested outerwear is warm, lightweight, insulated without compromising on style. The traditionally styled overcoat is a step up from the peacoat in terms of warmth and style, and the added length goes the extra mile for coverage. Regarding style, there is nothing more refined than a perfectly tailored topcoat. The wool blend is designed to keep the wearer looking polished while staying warm and snug. Wear either of these two styles to work, a formal function, holiday parties, and more. No man's winter wardrobe is complete without one of these outerwear winners.


Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones to winter in more temperate climates. In your case, winter does not mean subzero temperatures, scraping ice from your windshield, or spending the weekend sledding with the kids. Instead, winter means it's chillier, but we don't need all the high-tech insulation gear built into our coats. Don't worry, there is a winter coat for you, too! Fleece jackets are windproof, waterproof, and chill proof, making them functional, comfortable, and versatile. If you do live in a harsher winter climate, these men's fleece jackets are perfect to slip underneath your big winter coat for even more insulation.

When shopping for men's winter coats this year, whether for yourself or someone else on your holiday list, keep in mind the functionality of the coat as well as its look. There are many different styles of coats that will provide you with warmth and function without compromising on style or class.


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