Best Leggings for Running Errands and Working Out in Cold Weather

Best Leggings for Running Errands and Working Out in Cold Weather

Running errands is a basic necessity. You can't quite avoid getting groceries, mailing that important document, and filling the tank up with gas, so you may as well make the most of the experience by dressing as comfortably as possible! Among the most practical choices is a great pair of leggings to see you through in style.

As anyone who has ever worn a pair can attest, leggings are the go-to garment for every laid-back event on your agenda. Since they're naturally the perfect choice for a workout, they also wear well when you're just running around town going from point A to point B. Here are four of the most practical options to keep in mind for your off-duty excursions.


When you're on the move, nothing matters more than staying comfortable throughout the day. Your leggings should sit gently against your skin instead of constricting movement. A pair designed specifically for activewear is a great option because they're usually made with enhanced stretch to keep you going. The best workout leggings are the ones you totally forget about — and activewear is specifically designed to enhance mobility without getting in the way.

Look for details that are really all about your comfort, like a wide waistband and plenty of elasticity to hold you comfortably without restricting movement. Many are also designed with fabric to pull moisture from the skin, so you can handle everything on your schedule and stay completely cool and dry throughout. Moreover, running leggings for cold weather look great with just about anything! You can throw it on with a hoodie or layer a women's cardigan on top of a light tank top for an effortless look.


Errands don't exactly call for high-fashion attire, but there's no reason that you shouldn't look and feel your very best from start to finish. Wearing a great pair of leggings with a pattern on it is an easy way to elevate your look and have a little fun with your style when you have to check items off your mile-long to-do list.

When choosing your pattern, focus on colors that help you feel your very best! If you adore floral prints, for example, a tightly composed floral print looks great — the close-knit flowers resemble small dots from afar, but become more detectable up close. This type of style offers a sophisticated take on the classic print and happens to look perfect with an airy tunic in a matching color, too. You can also take your cue from whatever shirt you choose to wear and find a print that corresponds with its hue.


On a chilly day, there's no better excuse to break out the corduroy leggings. A wardrobe staple in the 1970s, this fabric has shown its versatility in recent years. Think about it — what was once the fashionable material for a pair of the most wide-legged bell bottoms on the planet is now a choice option for a pair of sleek, fitted bottoms. And it's a practical option, too, thanks to its thicker fabric that is destined to keep you warm on the coldest fall and winter days of the year.

Keep that rich textural finish in mind when planning your outfit. Since corduroy is naturally more substantial, think in terms of creating a balanced look that doesn't feel too heavy from top to bottom. Running errands is definitely a casual affair, and anything that inhibits your natural movement will make it difficult to get through it all with ease. Try something light, such as an effortless long-sleeve T-shirt and a pair of easy canvas sneakers. On a colder day, wear that top beneath a flannel button-down shirt for added warmth and comfort. Step into a pair of your favorite ballet flats and you'll be ready for anything the day brings.


Jeans are as classic and reliable as your favorite black dress and your most reliable structured blazer. But sometimes you just want to wear something softer and more flexible. Enter the ever-dependable jegging, which is more than just relaxed — it's stylish, too. This easy pair of bottoms offers the same versatility as your usual threadbare jeans, yet gives a slightly more polished and pulled together look for your errand-running days.

There are countless ways to style these flexible bottoms, too. Throw on a chunky sweater and step into a pair of knee-high boots when it's chilly outside, or try a lightweight tunic and flat sandals on a less brisk day. Essentially, jeggings offer the look of classic denim with the comfort of a pair of your favorite leggings. What could be better than that as you knock out everything on your lengthy list?


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