Best Jewelry To Wear With an Oversized Sweater

Best Jewelry To Wear With an Oversized Sweater

Jewelry is such an effortless way to take your look to the next level. Whether you're headed to work, brunch, or a romantic dinner, you can show off even more of your personality with accessories that really enhance your overall aesthetic. When you're wearing an oversized sweater, you want to be sure you look as confident and chic as you feel, and adding pops of color, glamour, and style is as simple as finding the best jewelry to wear with it.


The type of earrings you choose for your oversized sweater will really depend on what kind of sweater it is. Is it a thick cable knit, or a thin but long cashmere cardigan? If you're styling any sweater with a turtle or mock neck, avoid earrings that are long or dangling. That way you avoid snags on your sweater or tugs on your ears. These kinds of sweaters are great with bigger or bauble post earrings, or small hoops. It's all about playing with shapes and being practical with style. If your sweater has a crew or V-neck, you have a lot more freedom to wear long earrings, but sweet posts or hoops will work just as beautifully. Think about what impression you want to give when choosing earrings of any kind. Bohemian outfits might call for a pair with suspended crystals, while a city look might require some stark silver rectangles.

If you're having trouble choosing between earrings, try a different one in each ear and turn side to side in the mirror until you find one that really lights you up. Whichever one highlights your face in a way that you immediately notice is probably your best bet for that particular sweater.

Necklaces or Scarves

Your necklace choices will, once again, be determined by the type of sweater you're cozying up in. If you have a V-neck, a delicate necklace offsets the volume of your sweater and brings focus to your collarbone, which always adds a bit of grace. A crew or turtleneck might damage a smaller necklace, so if that's what you're accessorizing, it's your time to try out big and bold statement necklaces. Wear them above your sweater (of course) and choose colors that pop but complement your sweater. Find sturdy pieces so they don't snag or snap easily if they get ruffled by your sweater's fabric.

If it's cold outside and you plan to swear a scarf all season, leave the necklace off and invest in chic winter scarves. They create that same play with color and design as a necklace, but have some added bonuses. They're easy to take off, hard to damage, and versatile since you can change how you style your scarf every single time you wear one.

Bracelets or Watches

A statement piece on your wrist provides a new line of focus when you're wearing an oversized sweater. That block of bold color helps to break up the seat of the sweater and create definition in an outfit that is generally pretty flowy. A thick bracelet or a chic watch will really pop against the wall of color from your sweater. While some oversized sweaters will run past your wrists, you can always push them up a bit to show off whatever you're rocking. Just be sure you choose a bracelet or watch that is strong and smooth enough so it won't get tangled up or torn by sleeves moving up and down.


Rings work with your outfit the same way bracelets do: by calling the eye to a focal point. You can play off the oversized vibe by grabbing some statement pieces or cocktail rings. They're a ton of fun, and add a playful touch of glamour and sparkle to your entire look. Alternatively, wearing simple bands or those with more delicate features help to bring in clean lines and a sense of calm. It'll all just depend on the mood you're in and the energy you're trying to bring to your day.

Other Accessories

Since jewelry is so fun to play with, we figured we'd suggest a couple of other accessories you might love to try with your oversized sweater. If you don't love wearing earrings, or live somewhere chilly, rethink the way you choose your winter hats. Hats can help to frame your face and offer a lot of color and style to any outfit. Another way to play up your hands in the cold is to add a pair of cashmere or fleece-lined women's winter gloves in a color that helps your sweater shine even more brightly.

You can transform that cozy oversized sweater you lounge around with into a chic and exciting piece with almost no effort. All you need is some jewelry to pair with your outfit, and you're ready to rock the day ahead.


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