Best Jeans To Wear to a Concert

Best Jeans To Wear to a Concert

Music plays a role in all of our lives. Some of us are serious music lovers, always jamming out to our favorite bands or seeking out new music, and some of us just have a few musicians, bands, or genres that we prefer. Most of us enjoy live music regardless of our favorite genres or how serious we are about our go-to bands. You don’t even have to be that into music to have fun going to a concert with friends or as a fun date night—it’s impossible not to get excited with the energy buzzing throughout the venue.

Once you’ve made your plans and bought the tickets, it’s time to pick the perfect outfit. The perfect concert outfit will be as cute and stylish as it is comfortable and practical. We all want to look our best on a night out, and when it comes to live music, we also want to wear an outfit that we can move and groove in. No matter what the genre or the venue is, women's jeans are always a great choice. Read on for the best jeans to wear to any concert.

High-Rise Black Skinny Jeans

Women's black jeans are always a great choice for a night out—especially for live music. Black jeans are a slightly “dressier” twist on denim (and a bit more punk rock, depending on how you style them), making them a great choice for any venue. While black jeans in any style work for a concert, we particularly like the look of high-rise skinny black jeans for live shows.

High-rise black skinny jeans are versatile, and you can pair them with any top. Try rocking these bottoms with a band t-shirt and a light-wash blue denim jacket or with a plain white v-neck tee layered under a flannel button-up. Skinny jeans look great with a classic pair of high-top sneakers, slip-on kicks, or tucked into your favorite pair of black boots.

Light Wash Straight-Leg Jeans

We all want to look on-trend and stylish when we head to a live show. And as far as trendy jeans go, straight-leg jeans are where it’s at. We love this trend, especially since straight-leg jeans tend to have a slightly roomier fit, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

For a super on-trend pair of jeans for your next concert, opt for a cropped ankle-length pair in an extra light-wash blue hue. These jeans give major '90s vibes, which is totally “in.” To bring this look and vibe home, pair these cropped ankle light-wash straight-leg jeans with a white t-shirt and a bomber jacket or with a boxy or cropped sweater in a vibrant print. Straight-leg jeans look great with your coolest pair of high-top kicks or with a pair of chunky slip-on boots.

High-Rise Wide Leg Blue Jeans

High-waist jeans in a classic blue denim wash are another great choice for any concert. High-rise jeans are the perfect bottoms to pair with a cropped tee or a cropped sweater or pair with a fitted top that you want to tuck into the waistline. When picking out high waist jeans for any event, especially for a live show, it’s important to choose a pair with a bit of stretch at the waistline. You want your jeans to be stylish and flattering but also flexible enough for you to move in.

There are many styles of high-waist jeans to choose from, but to give these an extra trendy twist, opt for a pair with a wide leg. High-rise wide-leg bottoms will give you a streamlined silhouette that’s extremely flattering, and these look great with a pair of platform sneakers or Chelsea boots.

Flexible Straight-Leg Jeggings

You might be planning on rocking out or dancing the night away for some genres or bands. If the show you’re going to is high-energy, you’ll want to opt for an extra comfy and flexible pair of jeggings that you can move in.

Jeggings provide the comfort of your favorite pair of leggings with the stylish look of your snazziest jeans. Opt for a pair of black or dark blue straight-leg jeggings that you can pair with your go-to dancing shoes. Jeggings, just like leggings, look great with a flowy tunic top or a chambray button-up layered over a t-shirt. If you want to wear an oversized band shirt, pairing this tee with jeggings will also be a perfect concert look.

Live music is always a memorable event, whether it’s a band you’ve loved forever or you're just heading out to socialize. The perfect concert look will be one where you'll feel as great as you look, so rocking the right pair of jeans is almost always your best bet!


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