Best Investment Wardrobe Pieces

Best Investment Wardrobe Pieces

Most of us care what we look like on some level. We may be constrained by the styles of our social circles or the weather where we live, but we do try to make the best clothing choices possible. Another common limitation is the wallet. Few of us have an unlimited fashion budget, so we may not be able to buy designer everything. We have to make decisions about which pieces to spend money on. Your investment pieces are high-quality clothes that you know you will wear often and for a long time, and which may be more expensive than clothes you would normally purchase. But which ones are worth the investment? Opinions can differ, but no matter what fashion you follow, some things consistently make the list.

1) Definitely a White Shirt or Blouse

Not many styles don't use a white shirt of some kind. Whether it's a T-shirt, a flowy blouse, or a collared, button-up shirt, white makes a good base for building the impression you want to leave on the world. It goes with every color and works for every season. You will wear this one a lot, so make it one that you love! Choose something with great material or a cute cut. Consider getting it tailored to fit you. You have a lot of options. Spending a little money on this wardrobe staple makes sense as it will be in frequent use, and you want to make sure it will last.

2) Jeans, For Sure!

Everyone wears jeans. They go with almost everything, are easy to dress up and dress down, and are usually pretty hardy. Not all jeans are made equal though. Certain types of denim are less durable or less comfortable than others. And getting a pair of jeans in the right fit is important since jeans can be worn in a wide range of activities. No one wants to be struggling along in poor-fitting jeans when you could be focusing on engaging with life instead.

That's why jeans made the list for pieces to invest in. Get a pair that is comfortable and fits you well. A good, solid pair of jeans is worth the money and when you find your pair, you'll agree.

3) The Black Dress

How can anyone get along without something nice to wear should the occasion require it? Holiday parties, work gatherings, wedding celebrations all call for something a little more than the average look. While any dress could meet this need, the "little black dress" is a classic. Black is a pretty versatile color and when the cut of the dress aligns with your style, you can go to any special event with confidence.

A good dress with the right fit is hard to find, so when you find one, don't be afraid to pay a little extra. The investment will pay off at your next social affair and you'll be glad you did it.

4) Can't Do Without a Good Coat

Cold weather is a thing. It may be to varying degrees (pun intended) depending on where you live, but few places don't have some version of winter. Hot weather means fewer clothes, which is pretty easy to figure out, but choosing the right cold-weather clothes is a bit harder. And in certain places, the wrong clothes make for an utterly miserable day. When the wind picks up, or the sky releases the elements, a good winter coat is priceless.

Having a coat that can keep you warm when everything around you is frigid is a delightful experience, freeing you to pursue activities as you like unhindered by the weather. Spend a little money to make sure this is your experience when things get chilly, and the comfy, cozy heat of your coat won't disappoint.

5) Gotta Have Some Boots

Why boots? Why not a staple pair of sandals or heels? It goes back to the reason you have them. Most shoes are meant for easy indoor wear or a sunny sidewalk, at most. Your pair of sandals might face a beach wave or two in its lifetime. Women's winter boots, on the other hand, need to look great, feel great, and do great in all kinds of colder weather. That kind of quality doesn't come cheap, and boy, do you notice when the quality is lacking.

Choose a pair of boots that will keep your feet warm, dry, and safe, even if you have to pay a little extra for the privilege. When it comes time to break out those boots, you want ones that were made for walking... wherever you want to go!

Whatever your style, whatever your wardrobe, these investments pieces will help pull it together. If you don't have these pieces quite yet, start looking! And start looking forward to looking amazing.


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