Best Family-Friendly Indoor Activities To Do This Fall

Best Family-Friendly Indoor Activities To Do This Fall

When you think of fall, your mind likely conjures up some pretty idyllic images. Perhaps your thoughts immediately take you to that nice little trail by your house, the path covered with gold and red leaves from the beautiful foliage surrounding you. And while the transformation that happens outdoors is part of what makes fall so magical, you also probably start thinking of all of the comfy-cozy times ahead.

After all, fall is when we break out our comfiest women's sweaters (hello, sweater weather!) and the official start of cozy season.

As the weather starts to change, you'll likely be spending a bit more time inside this season than you did in the summer, which means it's also time to start thinking about indoor activities to do with your family when you have downtime together. As a parent, you likely know the importance of keeping your kiddos busy and making inside time fun during the colder months. Fall is the perfect season for balancing those outdoor adventures with indoor ones, so read on for some of our favorite family-friendly activities you can do inside this season.

A Fall Movie Marathon

One of our favorite ways to get cozy (and perhaps one of yours, too!) is with a movie marathon. This can also be a great way to spend time with your family while also being able to kick back and relax a bit, too.

To have the best movie marathon ever, start by picking out some of your favorite kid-friendly fall flicks, and then make your living room feel extra cozy by gathering up all of your blankets and throws and making sure everyone has a comfy spot around the TV by setting up a few bean bag chairs if you have limited space on the couch.

A movie marathon isn't complete without snacks, so before the first movie starts, put out bowls of popcorn, caramel corn, or some other fall-themed snacks, like Halloween-themed cookies or a nice fruit plate with some autumnal touches.

Have a Game Night

Next up is a classic: the family game night. If this is an activity you and your kiddos already do together, then you know this is a fun way to hang with the whole family indoors.

You can opt to stick to your family's go-to games or take this as an opportunity to try out a new board game you've been curious about. If you really want to take this to the next level, you could even turn it into a tournament, complete with fall-themed prizes like sticker sheets or little bags of candy corn.

Make DIY Autumn Décor

Another fun, family-friendly activity you can do this fall is a DIY art party. Set up a table in your living room or kitchen, and stock up on the supplies you'll need to make some cute seasonal décor. This is the perfect opportunity for making some DIY Halloween decorations for the house or crafting some table toppers that you can put out at Thanksgiving.

One fun idea here is to buy a few mini pumpkins and transform them with paint or little glue-on eyes. You can even transform your pumpkins into mini cats with craft paper cat ears and chenille pipe cleaners for tails. You can also make an easy leaf garland with twine and craft paper or pinecone turkeys. To make this activity as stress-free as possible, we suggest covering your table with a vinyl tablecloth (bonus points if it's fall-themed) and preparing some of the supplies you'll need in advance to make these projects easier for younger kiddos.

Have a Pajama Party

Pajama parties are always a hit – and there's no reason you have to wait until a birthday celebration to host one! You can get the whole family together for a PJ party anytime, which makes it the perfect indoor activity to do this season.

You can make this feel even more special by leaving little invites under your kids' doors, with details like when they should meet in the living room in their kids' pajamas. Get into your own women's pajamas – ideally your comfiest set – and get the living room ready by putting out their kids' sleeping bags.

Next are all the essential pajama party activities, like building a blanket fort with your blankets, bed sheets and pillows, ordering a pizza, putting on a fun, family-friendly movie, and maybe even having a pajama dance party.

While fall is also a great time to get outside and enjoy nature, that doesn't mean you can't bring the autumnal magic right to you, too! With activities like these on the agenda, you and your family will have fun things to look forward to all season long.


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