The Best Holiday Gift for the Men in Your Life

The Best Holiday Gift for the Men in Your Life

It’s that time of the year again and we’re juggling our daily to-do lists with our seasonal gifting list for all our friends and family. Every year, many of us get flustered with what to give the men in our life this holiday season. Fair enough, men can be challenging when it comes to choosing gifts for them. Struggle no more, this year we’ve put together our guide for the best holiday gifts to give the men in your life. From husbands to fathers, grandfathers to brothers, and friends and coworkers, this list of ideas is sure to spark your inspiration for what to give to the men in your life this year.

Winter Jacket

The winter holidays are a great time to gift a winter coat. Perhaps your significant other or father needs a new coat or another winter coat to fit a different function. Men’s winter coats come in so many styles, designs, functions, and kinds. A long wool overcoat is great for a man who commutes to the office, whereas a lightweight down jacket is great for a man who spends most his winter outdoors on ski mountains or in the snow.

Flannel Shirt

Rugged chic is the new black, so deck your man out in a flannel shirt that is both comfortable and stylish. Men’s flannel shirts are truly a treasure to gift and are appreciated by everyone from your hubby to your dad, brother to brother in law, and grandpa to best friend. Get cute with your significant other and get yourselves matching flannel shirts so you can enjoy the holiday season together in complementary cozy flannel.

Cashmere Sweater

Whether you’re shopping for that special him, dad, grandpa, or your favorite uncle, a cashmere sweater is a classic and timeless gift to give. Men’s cashmere sweaters are stylish, comfortable, and snazzy for most any occasion. The lightweight, warm, and ultra-soft nature of cashmere makes it a wonderful gift to give during the holiday season and is definitely something that that special man in your life will enjoy for years to come.


Leather is a classic man’s material and can make a great gift, whether big or small. If you are looking for a small token gift for a male friend or coworker, a simple leather card case, a wallet, or a pair of leather gloves is a great choice. For those men closer to your heart, perhaps a beautiful leather belt, a pair of leather boots, or even a sleek leather jacket are incredible gifts that any man would love. Better yet, well-kept leather can last a lifetime, so these leather gems are truly timeless gifts to give.

Luxury Scarf

A men’s simple luxury scarf is a great gift to give to a man in your life. Choose a material such as cashmere, silk, or Merino wool for top-notch quality, function, and comfort. We love a classic Scottish men’s cashmere scarf that comes in many color schemes and patterns, including timeless tartan. This is perfect for wearing out for a walk or to the office during the cooler months of the year. Men’s scarves are a simple gift that will easily go a long way!

Men’s Button-Down Shirts

If the man you are shopping for spends significant time in an office setting or meetings where he has to look sharp, a classic button-down shirt is a great choice as a gift for him. Men’s button-down shirts are easy and never ever go out of style. A man always needs a good button-down shirt, so do him the favor of gifting him a beautiful one for the holidays.


Classy glassware can be a great gift for a man in your life. Perhaps this man enjoys an aged whiskey, a good bottle of wine, craft beers with friends, or just a big fat cup of coffee in the morning. Regardless, gifting men glassware and mugs can be an excellent go-to gift, especially if you’re having trouble coming up with a gift for that special him. Go the extra mile and get something like a coffee mug or beer glass personalized to make drinking more fun. They’ll also forever remember that it’s from you!

Socks and Ties

His sock and tie game is key to making or breaking his outfit. Socks especially have been a fun place to play around in the last decade or so, giving men more space for personal expression in the attire. Gifting a man a nice pair of colorful or patterned socks could be a wonderful gift. Just as every man needs a good pair of socks, every man needs at least one nice tie. Choose a silk or wool tie with a color and pattern you think he will love. These gift ideas make great small but impactful gifts for the men in your life.

Use this foolproof list of ideas to help inspire your gift shopping for the men in your life this holiday season. You’re sure to find the perfect gifts for everyone.


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